Increasingly, ERP software is also in demand for SMEs. Exhibitors at the Odoo confirm the increasing demand of the middle class and also with the platforms in the InterNet coming in frequently inquiries from the middle class. The stage of frowning is over. In the meantime, software manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises have recognized that ERP software is also indicated for medium-sized businesses.

ERP software for the middle class - no superfluous luxury

In fact, a few years ago, it led to incomprehension when an entrepreneur announced that he was considering buying ERP software for his medium-sized company. It was suspected that it should serve as a status object. There were similar reactions in the past when a medium-sized company had a website made. That was actually only something for the "big ones"; By now it has become a matter of course that even a medium-sized company is present on the World Wide Web. Odoo apps can be downloaded from Odoo download section.

The middle class is catching up - Excel is no longer sufficient

In the meantime, the benefits of an ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses have been proven. An ERP software, with which all relevant processes in a company can be planned, has become indispensable also for the middle class. At some point the time is reached when decentralized Excel or Word files are no longer sufficient for corporate management. As the number of people involved in planning tasks increases, the volume of orders starts to get confusing when the delivery deadline has not been met for the first time, because they have been wrong in their inventories, in short, when the need for data that should be centrally available is so has grown, one should look for an ERP software for the middle class.

Decide between industry or general ERP software

As soon as the medium-sized company has decided that they would like to look for suitable ERP software, it should also consider whether they are looking for a general ERP software that covers very broadly all the activities of the company with its functionalities, or whether one decides on an industry solution that takes into account typical industry-specific aspects.

First a small ERP software, later 'what right

Many medium-sized companies tend to buy a very small ERP software first and then later want to switch to a more comprehensive (that is, more expensive) solution. This attitude is understandable for cost reasons, although one should certainly consider investing directly in a more comprehensive ERP software: namely, you save twice the effort: it only once software costs, the tedious selection process needs only once to be done and the staff does not have to be incorporated twice etc.


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