Creating a Multimedia Learning Object Objective: The user will follow this LO in order to access and utilize Adobe Spark Page. The user will also partake in a short assessment following the conclusion of the LO.

Today during our PLC(Professional Learning Community) time, we will be exploring Adobe Spark Page and it's many possibilities within the classroom. This time will be self-paced as users follow instructions and make meaning from the media. To begin, let's go to Google and type in adobe spark into the search bar.

Click on the first link

After clicking on the link, you will come to the home page. Next, you have the option of viewing a testimonial of an Adobe Spark User. Click Watch Video whenever you are ready.

Now that you have successfully heard about Adobe Spark, in the top right corner, you are given options to log in or to start now for free. Take a few seconds to create a new profile by clicking on the yellow tab, start now for free.

Homepage: Continued...

Once you have logged in, you will find your personal homepage where all of your projects will be found. Let's go ahead and start our first project by clicking on the yellow plus-sign.

Your projects will save here automatically.

As everyone should see, you are able to create posts, pages, and video Sparks. Again, today we will focus on Page, but feel free to explore the others later. If you have not done so, click on the blue plus-sign.

You can create just about anything with the available formats.

We are now ready to create on our blank canvas. Take some time to think about a topic/subject. Once you have done so, create a title and/or subtitle. Then, click on the icon and add a cover page.

Features available for use.

Once your title page is complete, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you can find additional icons that will add video, text, link, and more to your Spark Page.

Use instant web searches to help find material.

Take some time to play around with Page and please leave feedback on the Google Forms document.


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