This animal is a ladybug. It is an invertebrate and an arthropod. They have an external skeleton and joints in their legs, antennae and mandibles. Most live on land.

Ignasi Carsi Morales


This is a starfish. It lives in the sea, they don't move. It has got a lot of spines.

Marta Torres Muñiz

The starfish has hard plates under its skin and it has spines. They live on seabed. They are invertebrate animals and are in the group of the echinoderms.

Elena Arrieta Puente

It is called a starfish. They are of many sizes and many colours. It is an invertebrate and has got a soft body. It lives on the seabed. They are oviparous, they have hard plates under their skin and some have spines.

Juan Pastor Lara

It is called a starfish and it is usually red. It is an invertebrate and an echinoderm. It lives in the sea and eats little molluscs and fish.

Diego Enrich

This is a starfish. It is an invertebrate and an echinoderm. Some starfish have spines. They live on the seabed, they have hard plates under the skin. They eat molluscs.

Valeria Gómez Orriols

It is called a butterfly. It is an invetebrate. It is an arthropod. It is usually white. It lives in the countryside and eats nectar of the flowers.

Paola Sánchez Garrido


The jellyfish is a very special animal, it lives in the sea. They have a big bag and tentacles.It´s a coelenterate and it can move. They are oviparous (they hatch from eggs), but if they go out of the water, they get dry, they can't move and die.

Nathalia Acosta Villalba

This is a worm. They have a long soft body that is divided into rings. They have no limbs. Most of them are aquatic.

Rodrigo Ruiz Tribaldo

Worms have a long, soft body that is divided into rings. They have no limbs. Most of them are acuatic.

Marco Gianelli

Snail is an invertebrate and a mollusc. They have no limbs. They have a shell and a soft body. They breathe with the lungs.

Eva Mansilla Martínez

It is a snail.

It is invertebrate and a mollusc.

Its body is soft and usually contained in a shell.

They have no limbs.

Almost all of them live in water and it is small.

Laura Bujosa Del Río

Spidears are arthropods, they have 8 legs. Antártica is the only continent where no spiders are found. They are predators. Males are usually much smaller than females. The largest spider is the spider Goliath, it eats birds. The spider's blood is blue.

Nacho Casanueva Abollado

This is an earthworm. It is an invertebrate and an annelid. It is oviparous. It has no legs but it has a mouth. It lives on earth an the colour of its skin is brown. It is a small animal.

Hugo Alberdi

It is a fly. It is an invertebrate and has a little body. It lives in nature and everywhere and eats organic material.

Samuel García Baonza

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