March 2018

Volume 3, Number 3

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

The single most valuable tool in the darkroom is the trash can—John Sexton


Jeffry Booher

spring ahead

Belonging to a camera club can mean different things people so this month I want to highlight some of the benefits of joining a camera club—especially the benefits of being a Darkroomer.

Some of us join a camera club for the social aspect. The camaraderie of being around like minded people just to share life with, make friends and have fun, is a primary driver for most of us. We all need friends. I can tell you that during my tenure as a Darkroomer I have met some truly wonderful people and made some terrific friends. Genuine friends.

Some of us join a camera club for recognition. We can all be exhibitionists in one form or another and our monthly exhibitions are a great way for each of us to stand up, show off, and be recognized. But the recognition we receive each month pales in comparison to that which we receive at the annual awards banquet. The prestige and honor is second to none for one of the oldest camera clubs in San Diego.

Some of us join to learn. Simply put: we have come to Darkroomers to learn from each other and from experts to advance our knowledge of photography. Some months we learn about how to make an incredible image with ideas for composition or opinions on cropping, etc... Other months we learn about technical expression such as shutter and aperture settings, highlights and shadows, dodging and burning, etc... But, being a Darkroomer, puts us in the 3rd dimension, so we get lessons on printing, matting and presentation.

Darkroomers is the only club that holds bi-monthly hands-on workshops

Some of us join for the overnight trips and photo outings. This is a great way to experience the great outdoors while learning to use your camera or finding things to photograph and spending time with your friends.

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We have a zero-tolerance policy on guests attending overnight trips. Immediate family members are welcome to tag-along but bringing your photography buddies along is not cool. Several members dedicate their nights and weekends together planning these trips. They go out of their way to find the best deals, get special access and find hidden gems that are exclusive to Darkroomers. Bringing someone who is not a club member on the trip devalues their efforts and the club. Overnight trips are for club members only—if we made these trips open to the general public then no one would join the club.

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program news

A few weeks ago the San Diego Fair sent out notices that the entry submission system was open and this month we have Gene Wild stopping by to tell us all about it. The March 7th presentation will feature Gene and will welcome visitors from our social media partners so be on your best behavior. This is a good opportunity to recruit new members into the club!

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Solo Run by Jeff Booher

Everyone is excited for Darkroomers On Location:Death Valley trip and we could not be more more pleased. This is your last chance to get in on the train the Death Valley so let us know if you are planning to attend but have yet to sign up. Itineraries will be mailed in the coming days so look for those in your inbox.

Be sure to bring a printed copy of your itinerary with you as there will not be cell service in the park

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club news

Rick Rolled

Rick Phillips

Darkroomer, Rick Phillips, has been selected to show his works at Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor's Center. The exhibition runs April 14th to May 11th and features works from artists depicting Baja California Wine Country and surrounding areas represented in oils, lithography, mixed media, and photography.

Saddles Glow by Rick Phillips
Darkroomers are invited to an artist reception on Sunday April 22nd @ 1P

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Junk Drawer

The Cabinet in the Kitchen is filled with Light Stands, Backdrop Stands, backdrops and a bunch of miscellaneous photography equipment. At the April 4th Meeting, we will be holding a Silent Auction where Darkroomers can bid for items individually in the Cabinet. All proceeds will go to the Darkroomers General Fund and will help cover the cost of the banquet and other expenses on so bring your checkbooks. Hit the ATM. We need the money.

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Our Parent Organization, The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs, is looking for a volunteer to be Secretary. The Secretary is a very simple role. You send out an email every other month with the minutes that the President sends you. It's really not that difficult. We need someone desperately to help us out!

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be calm and maintain

Osia Strasner

Darkroomer, Osia Strasner, has graciously accepted to step in and maintain the building. She will be named Vice President of Buildings at the SCACC meeting in March and we are looking forward to her service!

● ● ●

The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs is sponsoring an exhibition at Liberty Station that will feature the works of Darkroomers as well as other local photographers who have works that portray people having fun in a California State Park.

There is no entry fee but only one entry per person. All entries are submitted electronically. It will be a juried show with approximately 40 images selected to be in the exhibition.

The program will be accepting submissions through March 31, 2018 and the exhibition runs May 4 through August 31.

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Mule Bender by Jeff Booher

The first Quarterly Competition for 2018 is scheduled to be held April 4th and the theme for the competition is A Stranger's Portrait. We may not run into any interesting folks in Death Valley but you will have plenty of time to find strangers to photograph and there is no better place in America to find interesting strangers than San Diego.

All photos must be taken during the quarter which means between January 1st and March 31st.

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Greg Klamt

Our judge for March is Greg Klamt. Greg has been a jurist for the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair since 2006. In fact, he helped to define the Digital Arts category.

I combine creativity and technology to tell stories—and to help others tell theirs—by designing unique visual and interactive experiences, that help organizations and individuals engage, inform, inspire, and entertain their audiences.

Greg is a mixed media artist and also enjoys performance art. He has been in several plays and musicals. His music can be found on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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The Other Side of the Lens

By Rick Phillips, Contributing Editor

Alain Gillot

Alain Gillot [pronounced:geelow] was born in the French village of Auvillers les forges near the Belgian border. Fortifications and relics from WWI were everywhere, so he grew-up hearing many tales of trench warfare. The horrors of WWII were still too fresh in the adults’ minds for them to offer many stories of that conflict.

Later, he learned his father was a member of the Maquis (the French Resistance) and, on a lighter note, he found out why there was a hole in the medieval suit of armor standing in one aunt’s home. It seems an unwelcome German officer was in the home and he pulled out his pistol and shot the armor! He feared someone was hiding inside to spy on them.

Eschewing university, Alain chose the trade school option and, after 3+ years of study, he earned certificates in auto, diesel, welding, and precision machine shop. He decided to visit family he had in Las Vegas, Nevada—his aunt was one of the first professors at the brand new UNLV... Alain took up residency in Vegas—working in a casino kitchen but he continued his westward migration and landed in San Diego where he found work in a garage. He rented a room at the Hotel Barcelona where he met a Canadian transplant who would soon be his wife named Suellen.

Settling into the southern California lifestyle, he learned to SCUBA dive, took up motorcycling as a way to visit the Las Vegas relatives, and he started showing horses in Western and in English Saddle.

Alain gained a large following as an auto mechanic. It wasn’t long before he opened his own Mercedes Benz repair shop in Mission Hills. He has since retired, but his former clients and reputation keeps his phone ringing with questions from other mechanics and requests for repair service. Rarely a day goes by when there isn’t a Mercedes being serviced in his home garage...

Of course, responding to all the repair queries does have its downside, it cuts into time for his favorite hobby: Photography... Alain learned photographic basics in France, back in the film era and, only recently, has he grudgingly adapted to digital. He still speaks fondly of enlargers and darkroom chemicals while he steadfastly refuses to use Photoshop... He shoots in jpeg and confines his post processing to cropping.

In lieu of buying new gear, Alain prefers to repair and re-purpose used equipment, and to modify gear so he can use off-brand lenses on his Nikon. He shoots with a D300 which, of course, he bought used. One of his biggest delights is figuring-out how to mount lenses backwards on his camera so he can shoot macro with a normal lens.

Alain went on shoots with the famous bird photographer, Tony Merceica. Tony's inspiration has captivated Alain and he now spends most of his photo time scouting South Bay birding spots with one of Tony’s old 400mm lenses on a once-decrepit tripod… or hand-carrying a junked 300mm lens he repaired with a piece of hose from a Mercedes Benz...

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