Kingdom of hearts/diamonds ruled by king tieleayerz

My utopia is a kingdom that i would rule. It would be filled with cool stuff that i enjoy including swords, magic, powers, and lots of animals. The people who would live in my kingdom are those who enjoy video games, anime, and fantasy worlds. the people would be able to chose what they wanted to do with their life, and they would get to learn a whole bunch of different things.

The Royal Army

The royal army is split into three sections, Knights, mages, and archers. The knights are the primary warriors on the battle field. they are the first line of offense and defence. The archers guard the kingdom from the towers and walls. on the battlefield they stand behind the knights and try to take out the front line with the knights. The mages are the brains of the kingdom they focus on advancing technology and on helping the citizens with their needs. on the battlefield they focus on healing the wounded and act as doctors.

Royal Army Attire

In the army the knights would have different kinds of armor depending on what they type of weapon they specialize in. Those who specialize in katanas would have samurai armor and those who specialize in long swords would wear Lothric armor. Archers would wear light leather armor that would allow fast movement and would not weight them down. Mages would most likely wear some cloth armor so that they could focus on magic without having to worry about bieng weighed down or restrictions of movement. All armor in the army would have the symbol of their branch on it.

armor of knights

The Community

The community will have a lot of buildings like, community halls, theaters, library's, guilds, and schools. The community hall's would be where people go to organize party's and events. Theaters would show movies and plays. Library's would be large and hold a large selection of books, in all genres. Guilds would be where anyone could go to make new friends and learn about what ever the guild is about. There would be multiple kinds of schools from normal schools to magic schools.


Food would be suplied from farms and hunters/ fishers. People who want to be chefs would be able to own a resturant and make what ever kind of food they wanted to. People would be able to go to markets to buy fresh foods. All food would be good for you and would be healthy.


For entertainment the citizens would be able to play games, hunt, create, or really what ever they found was fun. you would still have your job to do but it would still entertain you.

Clothing For Citizens

Citizens wear what ever they want to wear. Formal wear will be comfortable and look good. Jobs and school will have certain restrictions so that you are not exposing yourself.


I as the king would be in the center of the kingdom inside of a magnificent castle. the rest of the people would have fairly big houses that would look nice and be comfortable. houses would have large kitchens and living rooms for social interactions and a large cooking space. houses would also be able to be what ever temperature you wanted it to be.


our symbol is the head of a wolf with three stars near the bottom of it. the stars represent our army and say that it is the back of our kingdom. the wolf represent strengh and unity.

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