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Lincoln School’s dynamic academic program, rooted in Quaker principles, educates girls to fearlessly embrace the opportunities and responsibilities of full citizenship in a complex world.

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Community Voices

Matt + Cristina

Matt and Cristina’s daughter, Emilia, began at Lincoln School at age one and is currently in Grade 6. They shared with us their thought process behind enrolling their daughter at Lincoln.

“We visited the Little School when Emilia was one year old, and we fell in love with everything we saw. Especially the Reggio Emilia approach and the time that the children spend in nature. And so we never left. We were looking for a place that was academically serious, that engaged them with the world outside the school. We were also looking for a school that developed their self-confidence and their independence. And that’s something that Lincoln School had that struck us from the first visit.”

Jai-Me + Jahnise

Jai-Me is a Lincoln School alumna, an active member of our Board, and co-chair of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Committee. Her daughter, Jahnise, is currently a Grade 3 student. We asked Jai-Me what she saw as the benefits to providing Jahnise with an all-girls education.

“In my opinion, the benefit of an all-girl environment for my daughter has been that she’s been able to really dive into what she loves, whether that’s science or math, and being excited about it, and thinking that it’s really cool to be interested in these things. Having her be surrounded by other strong girls and strong women that are showing her the way—directly or indirectly—has really been transformative in her educational journey.”


Mike's daughter, Maggie, enrolled at Lincoln School in Grade 3 and is currently in Grade 5. We asked Mike what excites his daughter about coming to Lincoln School every day.

"She comes home and wants to just tell us about everything she's been doing with all her teachers, what she did with her friends, and everything that she's doing outside the classroom to be connected with Lincoln. She just started Cross Country, and earlier this week came sprinting into the house wearing her new uniform, jumping up and down in excitement.”


Nicole is currently in Grade 11, and has been a Lincoln School student since Grade 9. She recently shared what she would want students and families interested in Lincoln to know.

“There’s something here for everyone. I think people might see our success in field hockey or lacrosse and think that those are the things that you’re going to enjoy doing if you come here. But we have theater, we have smaller sports, we have clubs. Lincoln has a really wide variety of classes, so regardless what you're interested in or what your passions are, there’s something here for everyone.”


Amaya is currently in Grade 7. She recently shared how her Lincoln education inspires her to be BOLD.

“My Lincoln education inspires me to be bold because of all the girls here. Just seeing how so many girls can be so strong, and create such a name for women in general. When you come to Lincoln, it’s such a fierce environment, showing that women are powerful. We are amazing people. We can lead the world if we really wanted to. We could do anything we set our mind to. And it just inspires me that I don't have to be held back by something because of my gender.”


Serene is currently in Grade 11, and has been a Lincoln School student since Grade 9. She recently shared her opinion on the most valuable part of her Lincoln School education.

“The most valuable part of the Lincoln School experience is the support that you receive from your classmates and your teachers. We’re encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and try new things. There’s also definitely a level of support that we know and genuine encouragement that we feel to try new things and just venture out. I know I can come every day and be my authentic self. And I feel comfortable and know that I’m going to be supported, regardless of how that day is going.”
Girls “especially do better academically in single-sex schools and colleges across a variety of cultures. …Single-sex schools help to improve student achievement." —Dr. Cornelius Riordan, Providence College


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