Forest Vision Solidarity

Welcome to Monday and the theme of Solidarity.

We have much to learn about solidarity from the forest. Forests are no longer thought of as places of competition or survival of the fittest, rather as places of mutuality, even selfless giving for the benefit of those most in need.

How are we standing in solidarity with our human family?

Silence my soul these trees are prayers. I asked the tree Tell me about God Then it blossomed. - Rabindranath Tagore

Opening Prayer: As the unknown swirls around us, root us, O God, in your abiding and faithful love.

Art from Our Community:

Forest Communion by Anne Mullenniex, March 2020

Watercolor, Ink, Gouache, Acrylic, Air Brush Medium on Paper, 12" x 16"

In Forest Communion Anne was inspired by Robert McFarlane's Underland description of the 'wood wide web', the fungal associations beneath a forest, deep in the soil, whereby the different species commune and share resources with each other.

Art from Our Community:

The Thin Space by Joanne Mekis, March 2020

Ink on Bristol board, 9.75" X 4.75"

The Thin Space describes my life at the Grunewald Guild during my artist residency in 2019. During those eight weeks, I felt at peace and closer to God while at this Holy place where I was able to live and create in community with new friends among the majestic Ponderosa pines that towered above and connected me to the heavens. How I long to return home there. Hidden in these trees, you will find tiny hearts nestled within the limbs and the words: Peace, Love, Life, Spirit, Presence, Rooted, and Community.

Artist Prompt: Consider how your art and life has flourished when it has been practiced in community.

A Poem for You:

If you stand at the edge of the forest

and stare into it

every tree at the edge will blow a little extra

oxygen toward you

It has been proven

Leaves have admitted it

The pines I have known

have been especially candid

One said

that all breath in this world

is roped together

that breathing is

the most ancient language

"Ancient Language" by Hannah Stephenson. Text as posted on the poet's blog (12/31/2013). © Hannah Stephenson. Reprinted by permission of the poet.

Sending Prayer: O Tree of Life, thank you for the gifts of this day. Thank you for friends, near and far, who stand with us side by side. Thank you for shared strength and nurture.

Created By
Grünewald Guild