Hoi An Ancient town, South East Asia A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE

women in the old centuries had to carry a stick that would hold 2 buckets either for food or to go wash clothes .

Hoi an ancient town is mainly a small town full of people who believe in keeping the tradition . The way you get to the town is by plain tourists from all around the world visit there to experience a new culture . For example the food that is served there is traditionally made the way it was created back in the old days . The town is small enough to to go through in about a day or so , but let's not forget about the hotels that treat tourists as if they are in their own home . The town consists of people wanting to keeping the tradition while rebuilding the little old town , and or making it modern .

The people that stay in the old town want to seek ways depending in their social needs to make the best of the health care and medical systems . Depending on the research that was found not many people are able to afford health coverage .For example there are more than 600 billion which they are all ranged between rich all the way to the poorest countries . Every year people who can't afford health coverage or any other medical attention can sometimes get sick , or die of hunger since there is 15% of the poorest counties .
It will take effort to reunite asia as a hole that no one has time to waste in trying to do so. The heritage between Asia and the town is well preserved . Once the heritage does not meet the criteria any more it will be mixed to with another to create just one idea of the . If the little town is not protected not only will the heritage be lost but also the other 43 reserved locations from the tourists and people who live there , nevertheless old building will still be there on the ground falling apart if they are not taken care of with new and replaced buildings . If the site is neglected not only will the people would have to move out , but they will also have to change their tradition even the language can die , yet the parents must teach their off springs that way their language and or heritage doesn't go dead . The commercial centers and the tourists will stop coming if they lose interest , and the imports of goods will also stop merchandising , and stop producing
The simplest way to visit the site is by plain why because it is just a little town . The buses can also take you all the way to the hotel where they will make you feel as if you were home . The plain makes the trip much more easier , nevertheless the town is small enough to walk through , and or the people are friendly . The buss won't be able to go from the US all the way to asia and back , but the trip makes it more memorable when through the window you can see the beautiful view . The trip in the buss or car can make it seem as if the trip will be fast if people or tourists live close to Asia .
The reason why to protect this site in specific is , because if the tradition is not kept the tradition , and or language can be lost forever . For example old buildings are replaced with new ones ,but i'll still take a look as the ancient way of making them . The language will be lost , nevertheless because the parents are not teaching it to the new generation , and or they don't know how to communicate to the others the language .The tradition can somehow be lost if the people adapt to a new culture , and sometimes the language can die trying to adapt to a new one . The site is also important to the people who live there as it symbolizes a sacred place where tourists , and or the visitors from Asia can come and relax . the site as their beautiful beautiful waters attract tourists , yet the water is crystal blue clear . Not only is the town mind blowing , but the hotels are beautiful where a person can see what the ancient town used to look like in the old centuries .The massage center at the hotels make a person relax not only from the stress , but make some forget what the worries were about .

Come visit Hoi in southeast Asia for a marvelous adventure!

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Yasmin Valadez Torres


Created with images by Ian @ ThePaperboy.com - "Hoi An Postcard" • Andrea Schaffer - "Mỹ Sơn" • Andrea Schaffer - "Floating fishing village, Halong Bay" • Andrea Schaffer - "Jade pagoda, Saigon" • Andrea Schaffer - "Marble Mountain"

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