Winkreative is an award-winning London based design agency, which was founded by Tyler Brûlé in 1998. Winkreative’s work focuses on full service ads and designs for retail, government, transportation, and publishing. Their agency consists of two branches, the London creative center and their business center in Zurich, Switzerland. Winkorp is the parent company of Winkreative and another design company called Monocle. Their teams consist of 60 team members, with some jobs including editors, art directors, art buyers, copywriters and account managers. With over 130 different previous and current clients from across the world, Winkreative is established as a reputable global creative and branding agency.

Significance and Influence

Winkreative as a company values its global widespread clientele. Clients outside of Europe are supported through many different managers in cities like Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, with a majority of their employees focusing on clients worldwide. Winkreative’s reputation was built from their full-service projects, where they design and create brand strategy, publishing, and advertising, instead of simply focusing on creating designs. These full-service projects are shown in their larger projects working with Porter, Mini International, and the Thailand Government.

Air Canada
Mini International

Tyler Brûlé won the award for British Society of Magazine Editors’ Lifetime Achievement at the age of 33, the youngest age of any recipient ever. He started his career by taking a small business loan and launching a magazine Wallpaper, one of the most influential mfashion magazine launches of the 1990’s. However, after a few years he left Wallpaper and focused on Winkreative, eventually starting another design company Monocole, and forming the parent company of Winkorp. Monocole alone has a worth of 70 million euros. Tyler Brûlés experiences in design and his companies success allowed himself and all of Winkreative to make a book called “Winkreative Design Stories”, about their work and methodology of Tyler Brûlé.

Tyler Brûlé

Porter Analysis

Porter Logo
Porter Interior and Exterior Design
Porter Advertising

Winkreative was responsible for all of Porters brand identity, creating a new logo, name, mascot, advertising, websites, uniforms and interior and exterior plane design. Porter is one of Winkreatives most extensive projects. Starting with the typographic aspect of Porter, Winkreative paid “obsessive attention” to the layout, font, and color of the Porter logo. The color scheme for Porter is a pastel yellow and a deep blue. These colors reflect the focus of day and night when travelling, using the colors to parallel the traveling that you would receive in a Porter airline. The simple serif font stands as the focal point of the sophisticated aesthetic that Winkreative captured in Porters design. You see these same color scheme and font choice used throughout all their promotional material and advertising. With their elegant and modern design, Winkreative’s goal with the logo and advertising was to “seduce the consumer and surprise the target audience” by grabbing one’s attention with their timeless designs

Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is the raccoon mascot for Porter. The choice of Mr. Porter being a raccoon was a creative alternative to represent Canada without having to show a maple leaf or a beaver or moose. The raccoon is often associated as being a smart and clever animal, while also being quite elegant in design. With its natural black and white strips being reminiscent of a tuxedo or suit. They use Mr. Porter as a way to flourish Canada’s multiculturalism with his many different disguises, as well as promoting all the experiences you would have as a tourist with Porter. Mr. Porter stands as the central piece of the airlines identity, with a recognizable mascot that is displayed throughout promotional material and advertising.

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