@Dumped55 Learning How to Survive

The world as I currently see it. Despite the blue mood, there is light, hope. Don't give up hope. Find someone to talk to that will listen, make it someone who listens and doesn't tell you give it up and get it togther. Right now you need to vent. Get it out. Cry. Scream. Stomp your feet. it is okay.
I have found spending time with animals is therapeutic.
If you are not currently working, volunteer and
do something you have always wanted to do, but you couldn't do because of marital obligations. My do something is learning how to become a photographer.
Find a way to take care of yourself. If you don't eat, eat, skeletal is not sexy. If you do eat decide if it is worth it. Find something that can occupy your mind and your time. Exercise, get up and walk, feel the sunshine on you face. Make yourself. Trust me, I know there are times when it is impossible. Try. Just Try. You will find your bad ass self so much faster.


@Dumped55 took all the photographs

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