objective 6 using personal values

the start

This activity was very interesting, looking back at the class day. We started with over 100 terms of various values. The process of eliminating or choosing the core values seems very effective in how we did not accidentally get rid of what our true values are. As an individual, I have been told I have a very young and energetic way of life. i do agree with this and this overlaps with my outlook on life.

Top 10

I guess you could say I'm a 10

Breaking the cards into smaller and smaller groups became increasingly more challenging. It is difficult to compare values that you think are so key to who you are as an individual. This activity really made me think and look deep into who I am and who I want to become.

top 5 top 5 top 5

After separating the cards into my top 5 values, I remember thinking to myself that there is absolutely no way you want us to get down to a single value, which technically never happened because we did not split any more away. But we were encouraged to chose what our number one value would be if we did in fact need to choose one. All of these values are at the core of who I am. They drive me to my decisions and keep me grounded to my morals. Every one of those values are active constants in my life currently and will always be. As for dropping the cards that I did, I essentially cut out the cards more designated towards other people and kept the personal cards.

what its all about


When it all comes down to it, I feel my most important value is fun. I feel like this can come off as childish or perhaps selfish, but it's really what I think everyone's core value really is. Whatever you do in life should in some way, shape, or form lead to you having more fun. Not in the most direct sense, but in my opinion you should have a fun and goofy time with your life, whatever that may entail. Isn't that what really matters? Being completely honest, writing this portfolio is not fun, however what this leads to is a crucial part of my life (my college education). In my eyes, I can have more fun with my life as an educated successful individual rather than not attending a place of higher education and not getting the jobs I want therefore not unlocking the opportunities that allow me to pursue the ultimate goal of fun. I would define fun as "enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure". Even if you core value is not "fun", I'm sure that it brings you enjoyment, or else it would not be your core value.

My big idea point is this: we all have one shot on this earth, so why not enjoy it? If you find yourself in place where you are not enjoying yourself or are not on path to better places, change yourself.


goals, long and short term

short term goals

  • seamlessly complete all my classes with nothing below a B, except in Calculus.
  • spend time with my newly single mother and sister
  • catch up with friends and enjoy my time at home
  • don't lose track of education during the summer
  • successfully balance work and play this summer to make enough money to support myself more independently than years past, while also making great memories with my friends

how to achive.

most of these goals involve personal responsibility and self management. A lot of this is me growing up and becoming a less dependent individual. I have never been incredibly independent or self-run. However this time in my life is when adulting comes into play. So in order to be successful I just have to be conscious of myself and work toward them everyday. Make sure I think about these goals every day.

Long term goals

  • graduate from clemson with an admirable GPA, preferably above a 3.0
  • make a lot of friends for social and networking reasons
  • grow into my own individual
  • find an occupation i will actively enjoy and support me in my life.
  • possibly move to an island for a couple years
  • find someone i can enjoy the rest of my life with

How to achieve

This is actually a very difficult question. To be completely honest, I have no idea how I will achieve these goal directly. However, there are basic short term goals that will build upon each other to eventually open the doors to me achieving my long term success. This is a life long journey that I hope to conclude to.


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