A next-generation aircraft designed to do what no current aircraft is capable of - with electric propulsion and breakthrough battery technology.

The Vision is a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle - or VTOL - conceived to relieve roadway and airport congestion, as well as reduce burdensome infrastructure costs.

A new breed of transportation, the Vision was specifically designed for ultra long-range electric power and storage, point-to-point transportation, with unprecedented safety and convenience. First designed over 10 years ago, all technologies required are now fully developed.


  • Fully automatic flight
  • GPS Guidance System
  • High speed travel - 4 to 5x faster than cars
  • Scalable from 1 to 5 seats
  • Built-in anti-collision technology
  • Multiple safety features including a ballistic parachute system, already proven in aircraft for decades
  • Quiet – no engines – just fan/turbine noise
  • Better for the environment – zero pollution
  • All-electric inherent reliability with minimal maintenance
  • No roads or runways needed - Take off and land almost anywhere


Why hasn't the Vision Turbocopter been developed before? Because breakthroughs in batteries and electric motor performance have only recently arrived. Also because quadcopter drone technology has now revolutionized flight simplicity and control - with breakthroughs in electronics, such as stabilization and GPS navigation. Indeed modern quadcopters fly themselves.

Point-to-Point Transportation without the struggles from traffic congestion.


  • Lighter and more powerful electric motors
  • Ring-Wing ducted fans
  • Lighter and more powerful batteries
  • Drone control and stability technology
  • GPS guidance and Autopilot systems
  • Radar or laser anti-collision systems
  • Sailplane (glider) cockpit design
  • Low-cost, off-the-shelf component design

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