Listerine "Bold to Reconnect" Treatment by hafiz i.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute my thoughts for this spot. It is with hope that it can help fortify the needs of the Global clients to make this spot charming and witty. After having a look at the campaigns done by the other markets, I understand the predicaments placed on to a campaign that is themed around Ramadhan (Bukber session). Hence my thoughts for this spot will be conscious of these elements.

The global alignments seems to have a few slapstick elements and moments which are loud. They've placed the characters in an out of the world, fictional scenario that leads the message. This, should it be their missing "witty" elements in the current script that we have will need to treated with a different touch considering the fact that Ramadhan is a month of solace.

But having mentioned the above, we have a great opportunity to retain the initial idea of the board of a Musical Bukber session whilst having the crowd react to the message of being bold to stand out during the fasting month which comes with its challenges.

Of course now, the challenges for the story is to also convey the message of the eradication of bad breath and the benefits of strong gums and clean teeth throughout the day.

The commercial starts off with Listerines claim of making your mouth extra clean this Ramadhan before the bottle pops out from the middle of the supers. We will then see a clock graphic that depict a 12 hour cycle. We then cut over to Arie and his family in the bathroom rinsing their mouth with Listerine. The shot then heads into another sequence where we notice teeth with germs on it being brushed off to emphasize that brushing alone is not enough and that Listerine is capable of fighting 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath. As we pull out from that graphic into the mouth we then quickly transition into Fenita Arie's mouth.

The next reveal is the situation itself at a Bukber session at a local restaurant. The first indication we see at the restaurant is everyone being silent and glued to their mobile phones. The first few glimpses are of these people being uncomfortable to strike a conversation because they could have bad breath.

As this introduction is done, we then cut to Fenita Arie's family noticing this from their table at the restaurant. This is where we have the first indication of our main family being bold to strike a conversation is seen.

We notice an elderly lady that is trying to get to her seat behind the main family and as this happens, we notice a good deed done by the families little boy. He gets up and helps the lady with her chair as she sits down. This is where we break into the song and the whole family gets involved catching everyones attention.

We then see the other members of the family going around the area offering good deeds. Amongst them can be the act of getting others to put their phones down and start interacting with others, ushering others to their seats to sit and break their fast, giving salams to the guests for example.

When they then break out of into spreading the joy of Listerine to the folks in the dining hall as the song "Alhamdullilah" by Opick (or similiar to it) is sung, My thought is that the original song will need to be rescored to up the tempo and fit the tonality of the commercial.

As they interact with the others around the hall, their smiles are seen and the confidence connects with the people in the hall making them feel at ease. They all then get excited and participate with the main family. Here we have opportunities to get the family to synchronize their singing and dance moves with the others. Of course all of these are to be fine tuned when we have decided on the parts of the song that will be sung or if the lyrics are to be changed.

The sing and dance moments start to build bigger and head to its climax as more and more around the restaurant join in. We even have the chefs joining in as well at a later part of the spot which we then see the family helping out to lay the dishes on the table for everyone to break their fast.

This will then culminate to a finale when everyone then comes to a moment together as they usher in the azan and give thanks.

The approach that would suit this spot of the family singing and getting the others to participate are as per the references below.

The idea is to get the musical singing synchronized.

The choreography of this spot will need to be synced with the music at double pace and then pulled down to normal speed during offline.

The look and feel I have in mind for this spot is something cinematic where I would like to create a film feel. I am taking inspiration from the film La La Land during the song and dance part of the board.

I do hope my contribution helps with your campaign alignment and animatic creation and sheds light on to the clients during this Ramadhan campaign which definitely needs a different approach considering the nature of it.

Thank you!

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