Open Heart Surgery By Justin Whited

The Dream

I woke up in my dads house in my bed. I felt content and comfortable laying in bed. I was told I was sick by my dad. I went to sleep and woke up on a hospital bed with a doctor looking over me. He told me that I had to undergo heart surgery then started opening up my chest with a knife. I was a little confused and decided just to go to sleep. I eventually woke up at home in my bed and felt heavy like lead sinking into the bed. I tried speaking and no nose would come out of my mouth. My girlfriend sat down next to me and told me that I had a stroke. I felt fine with it and just accepted that this is how my life will be from now on. I then tried to move my legs and it felt like there was no gravity. But overall I couldn't move my legs. I looked down at my legs and they didn't look my own legs. My girlfriend started crying and then I woke up.


#1- Hospital bed- I was confined to this bed out of my comfort zone. I also was about to undergo what would be considered a stressful experience. It may symbolize that during stressful events I lock down and don't react the way I should.

#2- Knife cutting my chest- The doctor was cutting my chest open while I was watching him doing. This may symbolize that when i go through a high stressful environment I don't what to do.

#3- Sinking into the bed- I was in my bed and was sinking into it almost like I was lead. Maybe this symbolizes that when I am stressed or overthinking that I feel hopeless almost like a sinking feeling.

#4- My legs- In my dream my legs were not mine or didn't seem like they were. I also couldn't move them independently. This may symbolize that part of my life is dedicated to other things that i can't control on my own.

Dream Meaning ( Biological View )

The idea that may have triggered this dream is that this is my senior year. Senior year has a lot of stressful things also learning calculus is very stressful. I think that overall that this dream has an underlying theme of stress. I think my dream means that I am undergoing a stressful time in my life and also at the time of this dream I had to deal with some medical issues. This dream made it seem like that during stressful things I first freeze then eventually become okay with what had happened. It also could mean that I need to react more and not be contempt with bad things that happen.


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