A Morgan Made Woman By : Deja Nyree Hicks

​Morgan Made

​Monet Brenton is a 2011 graduate of Morgan State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She currently works in Cleveland Ohio as an associate editor for the Cleveland Magazine. As well as working on her 3rd book titled “Let life happen”.

Monet, as a graduate at Morgan, how did Morgan State impact your life in a positive way? What did you learn? What was your challenges?

First off I am proud to say I am a Morgan Made women. I wouldn’t have picked any other school to graduate from. I have managed to grow in ways I didn’t even know I could. Morgan had plenty of internships and opportunities that I took advantage and I’m so happy I did. I’ve failed classes and took professors over that I couldn’t stand, got denied many internships however I learned the value of failure. If I wouldn’t have failed so many times I wouldn’t be where I am in life today. Failure is the ultimate key to success and I can’t stress that enough.

How did Morgan state University make you more effective in your current position?

It gave me the confidence I needed to excel in my career, speak from a place of knowledge and experience, and offer compassionate assistance to people worldwide. I gained real-world organizational, communication, and management skills. It taught me to understand public relations, communication skills, how to have strong confident writing and be more open to new things. It challenged me to think outside the box. For these reasons, I attribute much of my success in Journalism to the knowledge gained at Morgan State University.

As an Associate editor for the Cleveland Magazine, what are your responsibilities?

I am often responsible for assigning and editing stories, help manage freelancers and develop content ideas. I also write a range of stories for Cleveland Magazine. I prioritize multiple assignments in a fast-paced manor in a deadline-driven environment. As well as managing web content and our social media.

So far in your career, what accomplishment are you the most proud of?

The ability to combine my undergraduate degree in journalism and a love for writing with the skills gain through writing with the Cleveland Magazine, and put them both to good use on a daily basis. I’m proud to be writing my 3rd book called “Let life Happen” that will be published in July. I have also established freelance writing relationships that are a great creative outlet.

What is your new book going to be about?

My new book is called “Let life happen” I will publishing it at the end of July. I wrote this book mainly for girls in their twenties who are constantly trying to figure life out and find their purpose in this world. It just a few life experiences I went through myself and I wanted to share them to let girls know they aren’t alone. Going through things is a part of life and it shapes you into the women you were created to be.

Monet Brenton shared her college experience in her first novel called “5 years later”. You can see her growth throughout the whole entire novel how she went from being shy to being this powerful women or uplifts and inspires others.

Any advice you have for girls/boys in their twenties?​

Yes, don’t compare your life to others. Everyone’s path is different. It took me 5 years to graduate college and I am not ashamed of it at all. Some people need extra time it’s okay to not graduate in 4 years like everyone else your journey is just different from theirs. Be yourself, embrace your journey, and embrace the trials and tribulations they make you who you are.

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