1970's PPT Supplement JUst the text

1970s inspiration

My objective here was to pick five images from the 1970s and taking inspiration from them and with that inspiration creative design

A statement about why you made those choices within the context of the assignment. To visit that influence. During my search for iconic pictures up from the 1970s decade I came across many pictures of muscle cars as well as many pictures of ”Hippies”. Looking at the elephants of the women I noticed the triangle shape was the reoccurring. It was around this time that many of swim suit tops for women where is the shape of triangles, as well Bell bottom jeans also evil visions of triangle to me

Right from the beginning start of the project I was at a loss for inspiration as well as his motivation, thus I had to reach deep inside my soul and find my motivation. This soul searching quickly lead me to the path that has been propelling me also master, that path being the silhouette of the female body.

All of the pictures that I had picked how summertime five, as well as hints of desert and sunshine. Attempting to dress a young woman appropriately for a climate environment that is hot and in the desert in the summer I knew the body wise I was restricted in the amount of real estate I would be able to cover. As well with the 70s being a time of freedom and liberation I wanted to pay homage to that with my design. After much brainstorming I had to come to conclusion that we would be covering more or less the ”Essentials”.

The challenge with this however is that because at two piece bathing suit has been done so many times it seems like it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate a new design, Meeting a design that is novel and different from the rest. Press or junkie press return key I started off my process buy drawing to the best of my memory the female figure from the neck down to Denise. Falling dustup my first instinct was to cover the breasts. I knew that I wanted to use the triangle, however I feel the usual triangle facing up on the top has been done many times before and I wanted to something different. And from that moment it dawned on me to flip the triangles on the breast upside down, Almost like an upside down bra I made a few sketches and found that I get interweave it with the bottom part of the bathing suit.

The design that resulted was a design that showed Parsons the body that Word not always often shown. For example the side of the hips, even though there is nothing particularly devilish about having this side of the hips exposed I felt like this small detail was liberating as even though we’re not showing people anything major we are still exposing something that has never really been exposed in that scenario. As well with the bra which admittedly provides a less support then an upward facing triangle’s I felt the quote Side boob exposure” was a novel concept.

With all that being said I now wanted to balance out the design, which at this point was beginning to look slightly provocative. I attempted to do this by adding several upsides down triangle flaps along the Colette connecting Lines, which we’ve throughout that outfit. I felt that by making things a bit more ”Busy” busy I could allow the lady wearing it to take comfort in knowing that some of the attention from the exposed hip and expose side boob is being taken away by the distracting legs/ flaps that are arranged throughout outfit.

In adherence with the whole nature loving vibe of the 70s I would propose this outfit be made from pieces of suede leather as well’s the Net naturally cut colored Linden materials to create a very natural look. I did take some inspiration from the character Jane that was a star on the show Tarzan.

The 70s was a very nature loving time, so I wanted to pay homage to that.

The final draft was inked upon an 11”x14” piece of tracing paper, peach colored pencil crayon to symbolize the fabric, all this tastefully paired with a proportionally scaled body of woman (cut out from a magazine) in order to privilege the viewer the opportunity to effortlessly visualize how such an ensemble would appear on the body of a real woman.

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