Give Students More Than Textbook Knowledge Instilling Healthy Eating Habits into Students

Students who do not learn how to cook or develop healthy eating habits end up living lifestyles that consist of junk food and physical unhealthiness because they do not understand the importance of taking good care of their bodies.
Home economics classes instill the importance of living healthy lifestyles into students by teaching them basic food preparation skills, the impacts of food on their bodies, food safety, and how to locate nutrition facts.

By teaching students everything that is crucial to the actual cooking process, they are more likely to have a better understanding on what it means to eat healthy.

Not only is learning the importance of cooking and food preparation important for an individual student’s health, it is also important for the student to be equipped with the skills in order to provide for his or her future family.

Because students are not required to learn how to cook, they do not realize the importance of it once they are on their own, and they fall into bad eating habits.

Overweight kids become overweight adults.

Problems of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are prevalent in society today. The issue starts at a young age, which is why it is important to teach students skills that will motivate them to apply them in their lives, which will reduce the obese population and create a long lasting, healthy generation.

Healthier people are happier people.
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Kailynn Carneal


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