The HCS Duct Tape Challenge When HCS students took on a challenge to collect box tops, they took it to the wall.

Students at H.C. Storm Elementary School have been collecting box tops for months in hopes of meeting or exceeding their goal of earning $800. The prize? A chance to duct tape their principal, Anne Paonessa, to the wall.

It happened ...

The epic event was caught on video at the all-school Duct-Tape Challenge assembly ...

Here's a peek into how Ms. Paonessa got stuck to the wall ...

Ms. Paonessa dressed up in a 3M tape suit, stood on a stool, and let the taping process begin.

Parent volunteers took selfies!

More taping ... and Principal Paonessa somehow kept a brave face. 😊

Here is Mr. Stanczak's reaction when he heard his boss might be stuck to the wall for the entire day. False hopes for Mr. Stanczak. Ms. Paonessa was safely untaped immediately after the assembly.

The class that collected the most box tops got to put the finishing (and colorful!) pieces of tape on Ms. Paonessa.

Ms. Paonessa does looks a tiny bit scared at this point.

Side view showcasing the serious tape job.

Water break!

Students who collected the most box tops were acknowledged during the assembly and had a chance to share their secrets for collecting so many tops—lots of family and friends eating General Mills cereal!

The final product. Ms. Paonessa is such a great sport!

Also during the assembly, students got a chance to view a film by the HCS Video Club, encouraging all students who can walk to school to give it a try. The video was made by students under the direction of Club leader/HCS art teacher, Joseph Casbarian. For the special effects, they used HCS's donated green screen.

With a goal of encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, while at the same time reducing the vehicle traffic at HCS, the school is working to get a total of 5,000 student walks in by the last day of school.

"Right now we average 145 kids walking to school each day, which is how we determined our 5,000 walks to school goal. If we increase our walkers by 55 a day, we will reach that number in five weeks!" said Ms. Paonessa.

To help with the walk-to-school goal, the HCS Youth Leadership Team is making posters and PSAs for morning announcements.

Lots of good things happening at HCS! #101alag

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