Jim crow 1877-1960s

Jim Crow was a time period from 1877 to the mid 1960s it was about the descriminization of black people and started with plays where white people would put on black face makeup and mock black people. The most famous of these characters was named Jim Crow.

Because of Jim Crow culture and laws whites and blacks where not aloud to have much contact and black people had it very hard because of segregation.

Black people and other well minded people saw what was wrong and decided to stand up against oppression and started a movement.

Becuase of Jim Crow laws and culture black people had a very hard time finding jobs and making a living.

During Jim Crow black people where oppressed and did not have many rights and suffered much. Many black people where also in fear of lynchings which is when a mob murders a black person. Thousands of lynchings happened in the south.

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