Husbands, Partners & Boyfriends Stand up for the women you love

Most Political Parties and many Big Businesses are insisting that a woman is anybody who says they are a woman. And they intend to amend the law to give anybody claiming to be a woman the legal status of female.

Apparently nobody would ever lie about being "a woman" for perverted, nefarious, or fetish reasons. So no medical or professional involvement is required to check people's motivations and intentions.

They can't see any potential problems with their Cunning Plan.

Can you ?

What is a TERF ? Anybody who doesn't believe you can change sex by saying "I am a woman".
Well hello pretty lady !
Such a lovely girl.
Ahh. This begins to explain things
Shocking nobody.
"Viola" sounds like such a great addition to the ladies' changing rooms & showers.
Well that's nice, normal and unthreatening.
Evidently hasn't learned how to cover one's tracks when changing username
Love & Peace To All Girl-kind. Not.

Thank you to the patient Twitter user who screenshotted to preserve "Viola's" thoughts for prosperity.

Not feeling entirely comfortable about your wife, partner, or girlfriend legally having to share a loo, changing room, shower, or hospital ward with "Vile/Viola" and "her" ilk ?

Please consider sharing the link to this site and these flyers.

You can also use your voice and your vote by contacting your local MP, or preferred party candidate. They all support allowing people like the above to self identify into becoming legally female. They don't appear to understand that their plan has no safeguards to stop ANYBODY for ANY reason from changing their legal sex and accessing all the same-sex areas and services they like.

Please speak up now, before we all have to live with the unintended consequences of the "desperately want to be seen as Trans-Friendly to get the youth vote" political parties..

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