#CEPOW Global Day of Action 2021

"Unions in Wales have today written to chief executives across the public sector calling on them to climate and employment proof their work. We’re saying: be ambitious, show leadership and, crucially, bring your workforce along with you. #CEPOW"
"In partaking the #GlobalDay of Action to Climate & Employment Proof our Work #CEPOW & ahead of #COP26, we met with @AbdiwahabUgasH on climate and employment, agreed to work together to design a future with secure jobs, sustainable economy, and a safe & healthy living planet #Somalia"
" Dans le cadre de la journée d’action climatique, la CNTS a rencontré ce matin une délégation de EIFFAGE Sénégal (multinationale française dans le secteur du BTP) pour prendre connaissance de leur stratégie bas carbone et discuter des mesures de résolience pour des emplois sécurisés et durable".
The ITUC Greening Team and management agreed to next steps to reduce ITUC climate footprint.
"This is the first time in Bangladesh that employers and trade unions are more directly engaged to discuss what can be done collectively to fight climate change, and promote Just Transition Measures and green jobs through joint actions at national, sector and workplaces level. We have a convergence of crises - a global pandemic, devastating inequality and a climate emergency. Working together, we can turn this around. We must protect jobs, stabilize economies and reduce emissions in every job and workplace with Just Transition measures."
"We at Lomenik KSBSI Sukabumi participated in the Global Day of Action- Climate and Employment Proof Our Work #CEPOW - with the Trade Union. The small action that we plan to take is incorporating a "go green" campaign into our daily routines at the work place. We will start to reduce our small emissions on an individual basis, (i.e. #bikeToWork #walkTowork, using reusable bags, bottles etc) whilst the government works on climate change policies."
"Jobs and livelihoods are serious concerns for people, and so is the health of our precious planet. That’s why we need to talk about climate and employment together. COVID19 recovery plans must ensure a socially just and green future, where no one is left behind. #CEPOW"
"Les travailleurs exigent d’avoir leur mot à dire sur notre avenir. Nous voulons une conversation nationale dans le cadre de la coopération avec le gouvernement, les employeurs et la société civile dans son ensemble sur la façon de planifier le travail à l’épreuve du climat et de l’emploi".

Confédération syndicale des travailleurs du Gabon (CSTG)

Paskistan Workers Federation
"NITO has launched a climate guide for its employees and is in the process of developing a climate guide for union representatives".
The report, High Heat and Climate Change at Work, is based on interviews and a national survey of workers from various UWU industries including home care, education, health care, logistics, agriculture and manufacturing.

United Workers Union, Australia

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