My Experience at the Harn Museum of Art By Christopher Hundley

Me posing with "Manhattan" by George Grosz of Germany

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This particular oil painting was created in 1946 to portray New York City after World War II. The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building stretch above all other buildings. This picture has immense detail even though it was painted by an expressionist. Viewing it online or through a photograph does not let one appreciate the detail. The cityscape seems truly endless when one views it from up close in person. The artwork displayed a sense of progress occurring in America even though such a terrible war had just ensued. In some ways it represents and communicates the hope and beauty of humanity even when all seems lost. The artwork made me feel proud of the people all over the world that were able to move forward past the tragedies of WWII.

Me standing in the Asian Art Wing of the Harn, my favorite wing

Design of the Museum: The Asian Art Wing was my favorite area in terms of its design. The use of large open spaces, large rectangular windows, and lots of rich brown wood combined to give that wing a very majestic feel. The natural lighting and geometric shapes of the displays gave a sense of organization and precision that oriental art is often known for. The exhibit made me feel very comfortable and at peace with myself. I was able to calm my mind the most in this wing and perhaps even appreciate the artwork more than in other areas. The artwork is much different than traditional western art but it was very beautiful in its uniqueness.

Me standing next to a work of art created by the Guerrilla Girls promoting equality

Art and Core Values: This piece of art, as well as several other works by the Guerrilla Girls, directly spoke to one of my core values - equality for all. I feel very strongly about ensuring equal rights for all genders, sexualities, races, and ethnicities. This piece in particular visually displayed that if artwork is only made and shown by white men then humanity is going to miss out on a more than half of the total story. So much beauty and wonder can be produced by women artists and artists of color but people will never see that if they don't open up their hearts to and minds to them. The artwork instills hope and belief that one day society will be truly equal for all. It puts my beliefs into a new perspective quite artistically.

Me standing next to an untitled sculpture made of white bronze created by Joel Shapiro

Art and the Good Life: This untitled sculpture was one of the most fascinating pieces of art I saw in the Harn. I really appreciated because the design of the piece itself touches on a very important part of the good life which is balance, touched on in several readings, including A Palace in Time. The piece almost resembles a human in a very abstract way. With simple rectangles made of white bronze, Joel Shapiro was able to create a piece of art embodying the human spirit on both ends of the spectrum. The sculpture is still, yet it seems to be moving. This dichotomy is not recognized by all observers but this is how I saw it. The balance of energy and rest is so critical to human health and happiness. I really appreciate this piece for its simplicity and depiction of balance.

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