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While servant leadership is controversial to some in the healthcare field, a culture of servant leadership permits cultivation of the staff and allows for the greatest potential in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Definition: Servant leadership encourages delegation of authority to engage staff, seeks input from individuals and groups to focus on leadership and line staff working together to better the organization and each individual (Finkelman, 2016).

Empowering Others

The servant leadership style encourages active listening and a willingness to allow subordinates to have a voice. Cultivating personal growth through education, experiences and inspiration is encouraged (Keith, 2013).

Servant Leader, Are You one?

As a leader hard decisions are made daily. Unpopular choices are difficult at best. As the staff are given additional responsibilities, it must be remembered that those same decisions are no easier.

The servant leader must inspire their staff to great passion and drive in order to meet and exceed expectations.

This same motivation should be utilized to encourage the staff to never give up (Noble, 2016).

Choosing a Personal Leadership Style

A supporting effort must be afforded to each individual and each team as they assume responsibility for developing and implementing policy.

Every effort should be attempted in developing and growing the team's skills throughout the project.

There must be a willingness to serve.


While being available and supportive to your team additional support and education will be required.

Resources such as internet and intranet databases should be made available, demonstrated and the understanding of their use should presented by the staff.

Cultivate the education component of this new adventure. This will inspire staff to greater heights, ideas and policy development (Keith, 2013).

Servant Leaders as Mentors

"A servant leader values others opinions, encourages others, is open minded and is a good listener" (D. S. Coffey, personal communication, February 1, 2017).

Leaders make hard decisions everyday. Those same leaders must instill into their empowered groups that there will be decisions that will not have obvious answers but can be resolved with time and effort. Each individual must be motivated to their greatest potential (Noble, 2016)

Christian Values

God has informed His followers to utilize a servant leadership style.

For many change is not welcomed. By using Christian supportive and servant methods, change can be encouraged through example and scripture.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45 The NIV Rainbow Study Bible).

Encourage personal develop of the team. Provide guidance and support. Constructive criticism should be encouraged and understood to be a two way communication method.

Allow for concern, encourage questions, remember any question reveals a need for knowledge or clarification, do not feel any question is trivial.


Leaders should:

Encourage participation in the process.

Provide guidance through the maze of resolving problems, development of new ideas and methods of personal development.

Always be supportive and available.


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