Mary Queen of Scots December 8, 1547 - february 8, 1587

1559: The Old French king dies and Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots are crowned king and queen of France. Mary also lays claim to the throne of England.

October 25, 1586: Mary is convicted of involvement in the Babbington plot.

To be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed by those we love , is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness.

If I could be anything in the world, I would want to be a teardrop I would be born in the eyes , live on your cheeks, die on your lips.

On December 14, King James V passed away when Mary was only six days old. Thus Mary acquired the throne and became the Queen of Scots.

On August 19, 1561, Mary returned to her homeland, miserable and dejected. on her voyage back fro France to Scotland, she even wrote a poem 'Farwell, my dearest homeland.'

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