The Town of Maple Grove Municipal Department

Red line is Maple Grove Border

Maple Grove meets at:

St. Stanislaus Fellowship Hall, W 1888 Hoffa Park Road, Seymour WI, 54165

The Solid Waste Committee decided on how much money to spend on the landfill.

The Land Conservation committee is starting a new program where you can insure your crops.

The Land Information Council wants to make a new business.

The Nutrition Council elected new officers and talked about revenue from donated food.

Description:The airport wants to build a 44x44 foot hangar.

Cities Decision:They approved the building of a 44x44 hangar at the Shawano airport.

My Opinion:I agree with the cities decision. The facilities are old and they are running out of room. It's a good thing that could bring in more people as tourist. The town approved the building. I believe it's good because every big city has a airport. Although I would have liked to know how much it is gonna cost to build. It also does not say who is going to build the Hangar. If they are going to be using our taxpayer money it would be nice to know is building it. I researched the average cost of a air hanger in the U.S. and it said it cost $2,477,700 according to

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