LDC Company Stars Lisa's dance connection's dance company program

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our dance company, the LDC Company Stars! Lisa's Dance Connection is dedicated to training dancers in dance, confidence, and character. The LDC Company Stars is an opportunity for advanced dancers to hone their craft and continue their training with a more rigorous curriculum than the LDC Recreational Dance Program.

Invitation into the LDC Company Stars is audition-based. Our auditions evaluate a dancer's technique, skill, performance ability, and execution of choreography. LDC Company Stars Hopefuls must complete the Summer Dance Requirement to be considered for placement.

Our LDC Company Stars compete in dance competitions and attend dance conventions and workshops.

Our LDC Company Stars are expected to spend more time at the studio than our recreational dancers. Our company dancers have weekly studio requirements that total about 3 hours per week for the younger dancer and gradually more for the more advanced company dancers. Our company dancers tend to add more classes than required to their schedule to better themselves and work towards their personal dance goals.

After a company dancer competes with their group for one competition season, they are allowed to compete a duet or trio the following competition season. After the dancers have competed their duet or trio for a competition season, they have the opportunity to compete solos the next competition season.

For those who really love "merch," the LDC Company Stars have more options for LDC Merchandise like warm-up wear, backpacks, and LDC Company Stars attire.

We dress our dancers appropriately in the studio and on the stage. Our LDC Company Stars will never wear crop tops, inappropriately cut bottoms, or anything showing cleavage or mid-drift. We don't want to make any dancers or audience members feel uncomfortable because of costume choice. We love our dancers like our own children, and would never put our children in anything like that.

Our song and dance move choices are age-appropriate. One of Mrs. Lisa's favorite quotes is, "We are NOT like Dance Moms!"

We prioritize teaching the art of dance the way it was meant to be taught. Dance was not created to be competed. We choose to compete to improve individually and grow as a team. Our company dancers are led by highly-qualified instructors and choreographers who hold the values of Lisa's Dance Connection. Our company dancers are required to take ballet every week and are encouraged to audition for our Classical Ballet Conservatory.

We are a dance company, not a dance or drill team. Our dancers prioritize growth as performers and artists over their desire to win trophies. Our program is great for dancers who want to dance professionally or go to school for performing arts. We prioritize proper technique and terminology in all styles of technical dance. Our LDC Company Stars train in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and modern. We do not offer or compete cheer/drill team styles such as pom and kick.

If LDC Company Stars are 12 years old or older, they are allowed to choose specific styles they want to focus on rather than compete in all styles of dance. Seasoned dancers are encouraged to remain training the same amount of time in every style, but we understand juggling school and other activities.

Some LDC Company Stars have time to be involved in other activities and sports - and are encouraged to do so, as long as scheduling permits. This is ideal for our younger company dancers. Dancers involved in drill team in high school are also allowed to audition for our LDC Company Stars as long as scheduling permits.

Company placement is based mostly on technical ability, rather than age. Dancers grow at different rates depending on their work ethic inside and outside of the studio. For the 2019-2020 season, we had 11 companies: 6 jazz/tap/ballet companies, 4 hip hop companies, and 1 contemporary company. Hip Hop and Contemporary dance company members are not required to be in jazz/tap/ballet companies to be considered for placement.

We truly care about the growth of our dancers in the studio and in their personal lives. We are truly a family... a DANCE FAMILY! Our teachers support our dancers at school and church functions, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure every dancer is getting the training they need. We love being around our LDC Family and our staff often spends time during the breaks in their teaching schedule having fellowship with parents and dancers in the lobby.

We will publish more information about auditions when it is finalized. Click the link to be added to our LDC Company Stars Informational Emails list. https://forms.gle/vezmDkSeWMD1bYm56

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at 254-778-4344 or come by the studio! For specific questions, feel free to email Mrs. Lisa at lisa@lisasdance.com.