Roller Coaster Sofia thomas

Our team is going to build a 3x3 roller coaster out of materials that cost under five dollars that takes a marble (without it falling out) that will land in a cup. It cannot be airborne. The grade is twenty points or more, twenty-two being the maximum. Each member of our team will get as many points as we earn as a group. Each step in the design process that we follow will earn each individual points. We will be collecting evidence and thinking of new ideas along the way.

The name of our rollercoaster is "Around the World In One Minute," and the theme is having all seven continents represented as the riders go around. We even included a tiger for Asia.

At first, we decided the theme to be an insane asylum, but later scratched it because it was too complex. We also thought of an animal kingdom theme but as we were making the rollercoaster it morphed into the idea of being seven continents. We stacked four boxes on top of each other and different colored paper on the sides that represented different continents. We used orange paper with the outback drawn on for Australia, a stuffed tiger, along with a bamboo forest drawn on green paper for Asia, the savanna drawn on yellow for Africa, the tundra on white for Antarctica, the Eiffel Tower on light blue for Europe, a green rainforest on dark blue for South America, and Old Faithful made of brown paper with strips of foam coming out the top to look like a a gushing geyser for North America.

We cut holes on the sides of the boxes so our track could go inside, which lets us add more loops and complexity to our rollercoaster. The tracks are made of styrofoam tubes and are stuck together with hot glue, masking tape, and packaging tape. The track starts in North America, and lands in Antarctica. Two of the loops go into Asia, which is inside the box and is still visible when the marble goes through. We spent the first two and a half days just designing the theme and decoration. On Wednesday, we started to make the tracks and completed two 270 degree loops. On Thursday, we finally completed it, and it has a total of four 270 degree loops, two corkscrews, one 180 degree turn, a theme, tested the result, and the marble landed safely in the cup.


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