Pedro World Citizen

Pedro’s efforts to transcend barriers brings together an eclectic world sound integrating Blues, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Ambient Electronic and Latin Fusion using Spanish, English and Pedro's Language. He has performed on the Amphitheater Stage of Oregon's largest multicultural event, World Beat Festival. He has also played on the Main Stage of Make Music Day Salem, bringing a mass appeal of musicians and audiences as a part of an international movement. Pedro has played amongst the Best Reggae artists at the Northwest World Reggae Festival; the only Family Friendly Reggae Festival in the NW, and is one of the first artist to pioneer the Mini-Indie Music Fest.

Since an early age Pedro experienced his the world in a way that lead him to have his own language and learned to use music as a way of communicating and expressing his emotions in a unique way. Music became the bridge to the outside world leading him to create an impact. Currently he has been developing a network of artists around Oregon and Washington helping them reach their greater potential. He has taught music classes to children and youth in about a dozen cities leading them to play music in their local communities. Pedro also is involved in producing, coordinating and organizing artists to provide opportunities, platforms and creating resources to uplift and inspire.

In his life, he has traveled to 34 countries enriching his perspective of the world into seeing himself as a World Citizen. This vision has led him to perform and record songs from a a diversity of meaningful writings from around the world including Hinduism, Chinese, Middle East, Aztec and Mayan. Pedro has also been remixing African American Spirituals into Reggae songs along with writing Spanish Songs reflecting his Cuban roots. Currently he also writing piano soundtracks following the seasons of the year that is being turned into a 90 minute movie. He now shares and incorporates different continent world-views sharing our unity in coexistence through the power of music. Pedro continues to perform in various venues in the Northwest; gaining the support of others who also see themselves as World Citizens.

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