Just me

Somebody that i look up to is my brother he join the marines . He would take care of me . He would help me in several ways. He taught me many thing. so he is somebody i look up to.

When i am older i will want to become a car engineer. This is because is that me and my dad work on cars . so that is one of the main reasons why i what to become a car engineer. Allows it is a good pay job. so this my dream job.

Something i like to do is to take care of my 11 chickens. I like to go for a bike rides. I like to do many things.

i am prod of having good grades. Because this is my first year of middle school so this is why i am prod having good grades. So i hope that i keep thees grades good. A and B are good for you. so this is what i am prod of.

Papusas are my favorite food because my mom will always make them. They are very good and they are the most demolish thing i have eat.so this is my favorite food.


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