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"Let's get cranked"

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I feel like the song "I Gotta Feeling" would be a song that Link plays over and over in his head. This song is perfect for his character and personality because partying is one of Link's favorite things to do and this song is all about partying.
My name is Link Arwaker aka a good time waiting to happen. My friends describe me as butt ugly but thats obviously not true because I get all the ladies without even trying. Maybe girls are just looking for a guy whos got tons and tons of money and is also very tall. In that case their must be a storm of girls all over the world looking for me right at this moment. One last thing that for sure will definitely get all the ladies chasing me is that I'm secretly part of a patriotic experiment. According to the story I was genetically engineered from the blood left on Mary Todd Lincoln's cloak after the fatal shooting of Abe Lincoln. P.S if anyone is having a party make sure to hit me up. It isnt a party without me.
My name is Link Arwaker and this is my perspective on the devastating nightclub hack. Me and my buddies went to a night club to celebrate our first night being on the moon over Spring Break. As we had walked in we had noticed an innocent, at the time, old man who appeared to be drunk having a blast. We ignored this because everyone else was doing the same and shortly we would be too. About an hour and a few drinks into our extravaganza the old man had started to yell out something none of us could make out. This didnt bother us though because we had thought he was drunk. Shortly after more and more people started shouting the same thing, and now we started to get a little scared. About 5 minutes after the police had shown up and started to beat the man to death. The next morning we had woken up in a hospital bed and we were all very surprised. Most of us hadnt remembered what had happened that night partly because we were all drunk and also we had found out that we had been hacked. The doctor told us that we'd be in the hospital for about 2 days and that our parents would arrive shortly. Lastly I had noticed that two of my dearest friends Titus and Violet had begun to get romantic once again.

My interests and favorites

My interest include hanging out with girls, partying, disregarding the law, and drinking.

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