Sabrina K. Perry EDITOR-ViDEOGRAPHER-Photographer-Copywriter-SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER

Hello! Welcome to the portfolio of the one and only Sabrina K. Perry.

A 90s kid, striving to be the very best like no one ever was.


I know what your thinking, all she said was I am a 90s kid.

How can I be entertained yet?

Maybe, with this recreation of Gladiator in Playmobil?

No, still wondering about some of my actual work?

Here is a series of legography pictures I am currently working on.

The Perry Lego Adventures

The Perry Lego Adventures

I know, I know why so many toy pictures? Isn't it a little juvenile?

It's actually because in an effort to give my husband the best Christmas gift ever, I recreated our life in legos. And I realized, hey this is a great way to tell stories with subjects I can control.

Legography; The Story Of Us

I should probably start showing you some of my real work though.

So, here are some advertisements I have done.

Both a business and personal ad for inside front cover of a dance recital program.

The Spartan Sealcoating and Paving Company liked my work so much, I got to make another one. The next year.

Spartan Sealcoating business ad- Inside Back Cover

Actually, I have made 4 of them but who is counting?

Then, these guys at Gallagher's Music saw those ads and asked me to make one for them too. They put it on their website. And I was ecstatic! It was the first time my work had been featured online.

Gallagher's Music business ad

Now, these ads were all part of a larger book.

A 200 page program that The Dance Shoppe in Waterford produces every year.

This is actually where my career started. At first I was just the photographer. I took all the ad pictures on picture day.

Like this one.

Then I started doing more like individual ads.

I started making templates. I wasn't just taking the photos. Now, I was creating the actual book. I put business ads and personal ads together.

I did that a lot.

Until, I was project leader.

And I made this one.

I am not going to show you all the ads, or all the pages. You've seen a few of them already. Just imagine that except to create a 200 page thick book. Hundreds of ads and even more hours. But I loved every minute.

I know my profile says, I am a videographer too. Well, I have made a lot of videos for the dance studio too. But, I don't want to bore you with dance stuff. All the resume websites say, you have to show some range.

Here's a commercial for Paaralang Pilipino School.

They are a local community school devoted to keeping Filipino tradition and culture alive in Michigan. Where for the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to teach Tagalog, Filipino History and Filipino-American History.

Here is a same day edit wedding video I was the second photographer for.

You're still here. I knew you'd be entertained. Here's the last bit. A demo reel. All good online portfolios have one. So here's mine.

And finally, a picture of me, myself and I. Sabrina K. Perry

Still interested in me and all I have to say, and offer?

Well, first off thanks. Secondly, you have reached the about me portion. The part where you learn all about the person behind the work above. As a philosopher I can say that I am the work above and so much more.

Spoiler alert. I am a philosopher. See below for more information.

About Me: I am a freelancer striving to be the very best like no one ever was. I might not have that all important degree in advertising, marketing, or journalism; but I do have that highly sought after and illusive degree in philosophy. Philosophy taught me the meaning of life and the subtle art of persuasion through the written word. And I am here to use it for Your good.

I never sought out to make a career out of storytelling. It just happened. As a videographer and a copywriter I can tell compelling stories both visually and through words. Sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words, and sometimes a thousands words can paint a picture.

Contact Me: sabrinakperry427@gmail.com

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