Self-Design #2 Food/Health for SChool

I studied the relationship between eating healthy and working out versus school performance. I will be honest and say that I skipped a lot of breakfasts for a cup of coffee. However, on January 16th, 2017, 6 days after my 20th Birthday, I decided that I wanted to get healthy, and I knew that eating a meal in the morning would make me perform a lot better in school. My hypothesis is if one eats and works out regularly, then they will do great in school.

Examples of Healthy Foods

On January 10th, I was 151 pounds, and I hated running. For the first week, I decided to eat basically the same breakfast that way my body could get used to the change. So I ate cereal, one cup of coffee, sometimes toast, and a chocolate breakfast shake with a vitamin for energy performance. This breakfast really wakes me up in the morning.

I immediately noticed a difference right off the bat because my 8 am class was a lot easier to stay focused and be awake as well. I started having more energy in the afternoons and I was becoming hungry for food again. I used to only eat 2 times a day, but eating breakfast made my metabolism speed up and so I was getting hungry again which was great. For lunch, I sometimes went home and had a turkey with salami sandwich. Otherwise, I would either eat a footlong from Subway, or a sandwich from Boar's Head. I also have a class at 12:20 so I felt great again being full and having energy. Dinners were always my favorite so I would cook pretty exquisite dishes. I enjoyed eating chicken and steak mostly, sometimes with pork or another meat.

Working out was by far the hardest thing to start. I used to work out a lot and then I stopped because I stopped playing with sports teams. However, working out since January has made me feel a lot better about my body, I feel fit, and I have a lot more confidence. Working out does so much more than just give a good body. I went from 151 to 148, and now that I have lost my fat and only muscle is building, I am now 158 pounds of muscle.

One would think doing all these new things makes you tired, but honestly I enjoyed working so hard and I have never had this amount of energy since I was a younger kid. This test proved that getting healthy and eating healthy only puts a positive performance on school.


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