The 61st Film Finals Presented by the SFSU School of Cinema

Welcome to SF State University School of Cinema's annual student film showcase, Film Finals.

A time-honored tradition at SFSU, Film Finals is celebrating our 61st festival! While we are sadly unable to celebrate our student filmmakers in person this year, we are excited to share their work online with our largest audience ever!

This year, you can watch the films all week long from Sunday, May 16 thru Sunday, May 23.

Please join us on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 6pm PST for a live jury awards and scholarships presentation presented by Cinema Professors Artel Great, Rosa Park, Bethany Sparks, Mayuran Tiruchelvam with special remarks by the Director of the School of Cinema, Celine Shimizu.

Brimful World

Lexi Doukakis

An experimental film that sheds light on the vital issues of the fast fashion industry and our participation in over-consumption. It reveals the persistence of unsustainable practices that fast fashion companies ignorantly exploit and how they contribute to climate change.

A ver ponte ahí

Flor Marmolejo

Revisiting a family album and an opportune trip leads to a revelation.

Even Though I am Half

Nickel Rivera

A poetic ideological and personal journey of a mixed Filipinx and Chicanx student organizer who visited the Philippines for the first time in the summer of 2019.

Second Nature

Tony Alfaro

During the pandemic, a father and son are forced to relocate their annual camping trip to their backyard.

Next Stop

Kaylee Zorman

A young girl struggles with her anxiety as she rides the subway alone.


Shandaeya Caldwell

A young black woman grapples with the death of Breonna Taylor in the confines of her own apartment during 2020.

big house

Allison Lopez

Big House began with my childhood home, a house where the air was always heavy, and my mind always cloudy. Unable to concentrate, my only escape was the outdoors. Big House isn’t a story about a ghost but a visual poem of my childhood.

La Playa De Joaquín

Isabella Delgado

The story of change is told through Joaquín and Consuelo's journey to the beach, creating a beautiful parallel between animal and human migration, illuminating the idea of a universal land.

The bad touch

London Alexander

A documentary following four college students over the course of one month as they navigate different dating apps during the pandemic.

Respect the Land

Nicole Carlson

A PSA about respecting indigenous lands while visiting national parks. It covers the history of the national parks and how that history has affected indigenous communities.

a muse

Keith Green Jr.

The painter often tries to describe or even recreate the world around them. Look into his mind as he begins work on his masterpiece and attempts to recreate his wife, his soulmate...his muse.

ash meadow

Ellie Vanderlip

Ash Meadow is an experimental film that explores the death of a grandparent through postcards and diary entries.


Thembelihle Nkosi

A college student of Zulu descent must accept a gift from her ancestors or risk endangering her health.

heart whispers

Ash Verwiel

A reflective abstract short exploring my journey through adolescence, developing my own voice and struggling to belong as a trans man. A story about rebirth and alignment with self.

A Great Hunter

Athena Greenleaf

A multimedia Anti-Poaching PSA, with audio from an Orson Welles interview.

Change of Scenery

Abbey Vollmer

Post-graduation, Marie decides to move back home and return to her old job. It isn’t until she meets Jaime, a new employee, that she realizes just how comfortable she’s become.


Chris Bergt

A short film about a young Chinese man experiencing racism, and the powerlessness that accompanies this experience.

Tony's Cakes

Tony Holman & Vida deKayla

A man with a troubled past finds redemption in building his own bakery.

  • Grand Jury Prize - sponsored by Canon
  • Excellence in Non-Fiction Filmmaking
  • Excellence in Fiction Filmmaking
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Animation
  • Best Experimental Film - sponsored by San Francisco Cinematheque
  • Audience Award - vote here!
  • School of Cinema Scholarship
  • Robin Eickman Craft Scholarship
  • Jameson Goldner Filmmaker Scholarship
  • Barbara Hammer Award
  • Gordon Thomas Memorial Animation Scholarship
  • Jennifer Hammett Endowed Scholarship
  • Bill Nichols Documentary Scholarship
  • Marcus Culminating Funds

Retired School of Cinema staff member Roy Charles Ramsing (1937-2020) passed away peacefully in his sleep last November. Family and friends remember Ramsing as kind, patient and even-keeled with a lifelong drive to help others and an ever-present playful sense of humor.

He was born on April 30, 1937, in Beloit, Wisconsin, to Karl Tage Ramsing and Coyla Boomershine Ramsing. While attending Beloit College, Ramsing met Pamella Fletcher. They married in 1960. After college he was drafted into the Army, before the start of the Vietnam War. He served in Germany and then in the Army Reserves until 1966.

In the heyday of the 1960s migration to San Francisco, Roy took advantage of the GI bill and boldly moved his family so that he could study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). With his loving open heart, Roy immediately felt at home in the city. He joined the SFAI Film Department as the Technical Supervisor and helped students realize their cinematic dreams for 30 years. He also taught a class in Sound for Film.

In 1977, Roy met Jacalyn White in James Broughton's Beginning Soulmaking class. They were destined to become soulmates for the next 43 years. Roy became the Cinema Equipment Supervisor at San Francisco State University in 1997. He retired in 2017 at the age of 80, after 50 years of working in higher education.

Remembrances in Roy's name may be made to the Roy Ramsing Memorial Cinema Scholarship Fund at SF State or your favorite charity.

thanks & credits

Special thanks to our generous donors George and Judy Marcus.

Thank you to the School of Cinema's Director Celine Parreñas Shimizu. Thank you also to the Cinema technical staff Artie Farkas, Pablo Riquelme Cuartero, and Milton Gouveia for overseeing the Vimeo and Zoom!

Thank you to Mac Oligan in CINE 601 for designing this year's festival poster. Our festival trailer was edited by Nick Gomez.

Big thanks to Aaron McNally (Canon), Steve Polta (San Francisco Cinematheque) and Lex Sloan (Roxie Theater) for supporting our Cinema students with your generous prize donations!!

Thank you to the CINE 601 class for your hard work organizing and promoting Film Finals!

61st Film Finals Jury: Professors Artel Great, May Rosa Park, Bethany Sparks, Mayuran Tiruchelvam, Cinema staff member Milton Gouveia, and CINE 601 students Anthony Alfaro, Allison Bunce, Emani Dawan, Isadora Lambert, Olivia Townsend and Andrew Villanueva.

Event Producer: Courtney Fellion, Lecturer

Film Finals is organized by SFSU's CINE 601 class. THANK YOU TO THESE STUDENTS:

Programming Committee is Anthony Alfaro, Allison Bunce, Emani Dawan, Isadora Lambert, Olivia Townsend and Andrew Villanueva.

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