Juanita the ice maiden By tomai constantinou

Juanita was around 14 years old when she died, approximately 500 years ago. Juanita was used as a sacrificial offering by the incas, she was taken up to a high mountain and she froze to death. She was found 20,700 feet high on Mount Ampato near Arequipa, Peru.

Juanita' s preserved body

Juanita was discovered in September 8, 1995 by Johan Reinhard and his assistant, Miguel Zarate. Juanita was buried with bowls, figurines made of gold, lots of silver and a shell.

One of the best features of this mummy is that she's frozen but she isn't freeze-dried, that means that she still has a lot of water in her body, Juanita was flown to United States where Dr. Elliot Fishman CAT-scanned her. The images revealed that she had been killed by a strong blow to the head.

The mummy is currently located at the Museo Santuarios de Alturain museum at Arequipa, Peru. Juanita is a natural preserved mummy. This mummy is significant because she was the best preserved of all inca mummy's at the time. Another main reason was her clothing, which includes some of the finest Incan textiles ever found, and her garlments are woven with alpaca wool and a red and white shawl.


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