Real or Make Believe by: rosanna rodriguiz

The lade`s back aches.

I will kick the weed.

I will dodge the ball.

yummy! I like this batch of cookies!

Don`t slide dawn the slippery hill!

I plant a magic seed.

I`m terrified of a clown.

The trees ar thick.

The rat is a pest

The lite switches of and on.


By: Rosanna

I want to be a monkey for Halloween. It's on Halloween. It's going to be in school. I'm going to be with my family. I feel happy and excited!

A monkey is beautiful.


Created with images by hansbenn - "tree winter impressions wintry" • Metro Centric - "Tokyo - 東京" • JamesDeMers - "thistle flower pink" • lydia_x_liu - "Boy Dodging Ball" • Dustytoes - "cookies chocolate chip food" • Pezibear - "person human winter" • Didgeman - "pumpkin seeds pumpkin cores" • Cherrie 美桜 - "untitled image" • kenny barker - "avenue of trees(pulsating)" • Meditations - "animal attractive beautiful" • rachelcroft - "light switch art wall" • Alexas_Fotos - "monkey gorilla christmas"

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