The Case of the Missing Minifigs Online Night Game #delancocamp2020 | #delancoampathome

"Whaaa Happened?"

Which minifigs are Missing?

1. Cool Hiker 2. Pizza Guy 3. Abe Lincoln 4. Emmet 5. BB8 6. Banana Guy 7. Stormtrooper 8. Hotdog Man 9. Elsa 10. Red Brick Guy 11. Robot 12. President Business


All 12 of the missing minifigs have been found at Delanco Camp. In order to find them all you will need to figure out a series of clues.

When you figure out a clue, you will need to visit www.delanco.org/nameofminifigplaceatcamp (no spaces). For example, if you figured out that the Wompus minifig is at the Gaga Pit you would visit www.delanco.org/wompusgagapit

Watch out for spoilers! Wrong answers might lead you astray. Don't trust every clue you get.

What Now?

Enter delanco.org/(nameofminifigplaceatcamp) from the clue given above into a web browser to get your next clue.

Have Questions?

Your team captain can text 856-266-5410.

Locations at Camp

The Darn, Boys Dorm, Dining Hall, Chapel in the Pines, Lake Agape, Motel, Brown, Burrell, Walk-In, Retreat Center, Dining Hall Stage, Retreat Center Kitchen, Craft Shop, Bell, Gaga Pit, Tabernacle, Soccer Field, Horse Corral, Beach, Pavilion, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Bridge, Lounge, Girls Dorm, Party Deck, Old Gazebo, Snack Shop, Camp Sign, Dock, Campsites, Fire Pit, Prayer Room, Parking Lot, Tetherball, Shuffleboard Court, Playground, Boat Dock, Buddy Board, Old Junk Shop