Student Feedback Student responses to lesson 3: drawing aerial maps

Grade Five students completed a lesson on drawing aerial maps. The problem was posed on Google Classroom.

Students were asked to evaluate the lesson using Google Forms. Here are some of their responses...

What do you think was the purpose of the lesson today?

  • To learn directions
  • To learn how to use maps in your life
  • To learn how to measure and calculate the distance
  • How to convert ruler measurements into real life ones
  • To understand how to orientate maps and how to measure in different ways

How did you choose to present your work?

  • On the map with string
  • Write it on the whiteboard
  • We put the google earth map on seesaw to draw a route on the picture
  • By taking a picture and airdropping it
  • iMovie
  • With a video
  • Google Docs

Which other skills did you use today (apart from Mathematical)?

  • Thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Deciding
  • Risk-taker

Was the lesson interesting? Can you give a reason of why you think this?

  • Because we didn't get too much information
  • It was fun to make your own route (but we wanted to go outside the school campus)
  • It was interesting to solve the running route
  • I learnt how to make an orienteering course
  • It was a problem so it feels like it isn't a made up thing
  • It was fun measuring the route and drawing one
  • It helped us know how to trace a route
  • It was successful for me to use a tally count to measure how many 1cm I measured
  • I learned something new
  • Everyone had something to do and it was fun
  • I learned how to make a real route with a real problem
  • I understood how to measure the route accurately
  • I got to learn how to do a real map
  • I learn how to convert centimetres into metres
  • I would like to do this one more time
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