Photography Photos Christina Shenouda


This is one of my favorite photos. It's an old music stand and doesn't really look like much but once I got closer with my camera it became a really good photo op.
This picture is of some chairs stacked in the cafeteria. I edited a lot of colors in so it would be hard to determine what it is.
This picture is of a decoration and didn't really need much editing because it already had vivid colors.


This picture was really fun to take because I couldn't seem to capture the right expressions. I blurred the edges so you would focus more on the faces.
This picture is capturing a student sitting in a class and shows the struggles of school.
I put this picture in a black and white filter so you could feel the pain of the student stuck in school.


This picture had some many cool designs and colors that it was a perfect photo for texture.
This picture is of dirt and I took it because you can see all the little rocks and particles hidden in the soil.
These leaves looked really glossy to me and in the picture it looks like you can reach out and touch it.


These pictures are some of my favorite because it reminds me of something that you'd see in a real Bearpaw ad.
The bracelet in the picture is one of my favorites and it was fun to take pictures of it like an ad picture.
This is a picture of my glasses and it highlights how strong my prescription is.


This is probably one of the most attractive photos of Anastasia!
This picture didn't need a lot of editing, the only thing I really did was brighten the colors.
The filter that I used for this picture is one of my favorites and appears over most of my pictures.


This was one of my first good reflection photos and looks like something you'd find on Instagram.
This photo is edited with many filters to enhance the image.
This photo was easy to take and looked a lot better than I expected afterwards.


This picture took a lot of staging but in the end turned out really good.
This picture took a looot of staging but looks really real.
This picture really looks life water is being poured on Kylie.


This picture took a lot of work, but I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end.

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