Sip margaritas and feast at a classic cantina famous for hosting the stars.

Sneak into a non-descript pool bar to challenge the locals at their own game.

Class it up with a show, some cigars and crafted cocktails at a “classic” staple.

Lucy’s has been hosting celebs and politicians since 1964. Of all the names that have come through the door the three that became “family” to the late Lucy Casado were musicians Jimmy Webb, Jackson Browne and the Governor Jerry Brown.
Stop 1

Classic Mexican dishes in a classic celeb hang out

• 7:30pm to 8:45pm •

Entering the back of Lucy’s El Adobe restaurant is a welcomed time machine warp to an area steeped in Tinsel Town lore. After passing the retro circle bar you enter the restaurant to take your seat beneath photos of celebrities, musicians and politicians who’ve tackled enchiladas of yesteryear. As you take in the cantina your waiter pleasantly reminds you that it’s time for a drink, a nudge that instantly gets an answer in the form of a margarita. Within moments you’re transported to the 70’s as you snack on chips and salsa between sips of that fantastic limed concoction. The conversation bounces from wall to wall as the crowds fill in to have their own marg and taco fix. When you've soaked up enough enchilada sauce for the night and verbally swear you’ll be back again it’ll be time to get slightly more cantina-y.

Stop 2

Your New Favorite Mexican Pool Hall Dive Bar

• 9pm to 10:00pm •

Your first reaction is to say “they must be closed.” The red metal grated door is locked but you swear someone is inside. Then a voice calls out, “ring the bell.” After you’ve rung the buzzer the door opens and you step into the dark room. The simple set up of two pool tables, a bar and a juke box are the perfect trifecta for your next hour. After ordering a round of Tecate’s at the bar you strike up a convo with one of the guys playing pool. You’re turns next and these guys, although unconventional in their technique, are sinking shots like no ones business. You hop on the table and try your best between chatting up the regulars. After 5 minutes you’re getting your butt kicked as his partner buys you all a round of cervezas. What was at the onset a dark and somewhat sketchy scene has turned into a few of the nicest fellas you’ve met around. After a few beers you’re on your way out the metal door onto Melrose.

Stop 3

Cuban Speakeasy Sexiness

• 10:15pm til late •

Exiting your Uber onto Western Ave. your first greeted with the entrance to a dive bar and a well-lit taco stand. The gentleman out front insists on your names, something you didn’t see coming but you remember about your reservation you made to La Descarga. Up the dimly lit stairs you head to a room and are pleasantly greeted before entering the Cuban soiree. Taking the rookie entrance down the catwalk you notice the finely dressed groups sipping bottles at tables, while couples chat each other up at the bar. It’s a sophisticated enough party as you step up to the bar and order our first drink. It’s all well and cordial until the show begins…


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