A Socially Engaged Practice

Art & Design Statement

My interests in philosophical thought and in the communicative properties of aesthetic form are developed and practiced through design and engagement. Moving imagery, sound, social sculpture, content and graphics offer an opportunity for expression, empathy and connection working in company or remotely. Now more than ever, it is crucial that communities create alternatives: financially, ecologically and intellectually, that promote, tolerance, respect and sustainability. Collectives, in live space or digital, allow for ethical engagement through inquiry, discussion, sound and visual design.

I believe we must push beyond first stage awareness to social-political empathy, tolerance and at times, an acceptance of opacity. Collaboratives are able to propose and participate in solutions needed in contemporary societies. Solutions which consciously avoid binaries and reactionary fear. As a collaborator in an aesthetic, design project, I have been able to dialogue, connect and grow in an environment of trust and collective reflexivity. True engagement is possible..

Participating in a creative act soothes vulnerability. It nurtures difference, subjective viewpoints and alternative ways of being and knowing. The freedom to explore and to ideate, either alone or in groups, is an essential element of the design process and therefore encourages innovative, disruptive new ways of thinking. Art transforms us, and I believe its transformative ability is heightened when practiced through engagement.