Artist Statement Emerging Socially Engaged, Lens Based Artist

Artist Statement

My interests in philosophical thought and in the communicative properties of aesthetic form are developed and practiced through a socially engaged practice using lens based and audial documentation, social sculpture and performative events. Now more than ever, it is crucial that communities create alternatives to those that neo-liberalism and a capitalist-based hierarchy have dictated. Collectively engaged aesthetics allows for ethical, tolerant, liberal ideas through discussion, debate, imagery and object making. It is time to push beyond awareness and social engagement collaboratives are able to propose and participate in solutions needed in contemporary societies. Solutions which consciously avoid binaries and reactionary movements are possible through this process. As a collaborator in a socially engaged aesthetic project, I am able to dialogue, connect and reflect in an environment of trust and mutual respect. An environment of trust and creativity nurtures tolerance, difference, subjective viewpoints and alternative lifestyles. Art transforms us, and I believe its transformative ability is heightened when practiced in a socially engaged mode.