Restoring meaning in mid sized cities ARGENTINA

PROJECT OVERVIEW: From Jordi Borja to Saskia Sassen there has been much talk about the deterioration of our cities as places of belonging. Strong relationships with place , including the natural and social environment , have weakened. Today globalism and individualism prevail, and urban professionals have not helped as they developed long term and over determined strategic plans for cities. These master plans have become outdated as they cannot respond to the speed of change in real life scenarios. A more agile form of planning is needed, one which recognizes the specificity of places and their unique qualities. The Urban Re-Semantization Program is an action research tool that will help apply a more place based , people-oriented approach that works well with the NEW URBAN AGENDA . The target for these two-day workshops with local actors are medium scale cities (MSC). Through guided and experiential exercises, the aim will be to re-affirm the identity of the place , and to promote a social ‘re-threading’ that also embodies environmental care. Through a focus on semantics and the application of social psychology strategies, the workshops will promote the re-evaluation of language with respect to identity and place. Work will begin soon in Medium-Scale Cities located at the edges of large urban centers that have not been affected by the signifiers that often pertain to them. This work will seek to restore and or support the IDENTITY and SOUL of medium sized cities, and to foster PRIDE in local communities and their urban environments.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Urbanismo Consciente

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Local actors will be invited to participate in the Medium-Scale Cities that participate in the workshop. These might include trainees from nearby college.

PARTNERS: The project is supported by the Urban Planning Secretary of Argentina, ad will be undertaken a local and district level under the supervision of the Municipal Issues National Secretary.