Historical Events ChaMPlain establishes quebec, waR of 1812, battle of lake champlain

Champlain established Quebec 1608.Samuel de Champlain sailed up the St. Lawrence River in the company of 26 recruits, lumberjacks, carpenters, and laborers. At the behest of Pierre Dugua de Mons, who held a monopoly over the fur trade, Champlain had come to establish a trading post.

War of 1812. While war raged in the autumn of 1812 along Upper Canada’s Niagara frontier, American forces continued to slowly gather south of Montreal on Lake Champlain. After dithering most of 1812, an American army left Plattsburgh, NY on November 16 heading towards the border. Before departing one officer of the 2nd US Infantry penned a letter that captured the mood and expectations of the troops: This is perhaps the last time you will hear from me at this place, if ever. We are preparing for a march, which will take place in a few days. It is intended to make an attack on Lower Canada aka Quebec immediately. We march without baggage or tents, and everything we carry will be on our backs, and the Heavens and a blanket our only covering, till we take winter quarters by force of arms. Our force is very respectable, say 6 or 7 thousand, and all in high spirits. The fatigues we expect to undergo will be equal to those experienced by our revolutionary heroes, till we arrive at Montreal.”

That lead to the battle of lake champlain 1814/ the Battle of Plattsburgh. During the war of 1812, one of America’s plans was to claim lake champlain.The Battle of Plattsburgh, also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain, ended the final invasion of the northern states of the United States during the War of 1812. A British army under Lieutenant General Sir George Prévost and a naval squadron under Captain George Downie converged on the lakeside town of Plattsburgh. Downie's squadron attacked shortly after dawn on 11 September 1814, but was defeated after a hard fight in which Downie was killed. Prévost then abandoned the attack by land against Macomb's defences and retreated to Canada, stating that even if Plattsburgh was captured, any British troops there could not be supplied without control of the lake.


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