Exploring change: Stories of ideas & research 2018

We are an interdisciplinary centre of research excellence and intellectual innovation, navigating the complex processes of global environmental change.

"Climate change, sustainable energy, water, food security and ecosystem degradation are challenges that cannot be understood & addressed in isolation." Dr Friederike Otto

The stories which follow offer a brief impression of the ECI today and a snapshot of our research and partnerships.

“ …if we exceed the 1.5º Paris target, the countries that will face the biggest impact are those who are least to blame for creating the problem, and least equipped to deal with the resulting problems.” Dr Luke Harrington

Research stories

“ …the coupling between climate change and fire is becoming a more important agent of change in the Amazon than direct deforestation.” Professor Yadvinder Malhi


Our FOOD programme takes an integrated food systems approach to training and research to help a wide range of stakeholders to develop and implement better food systems policy and practice. Our ultimate goal is to improve the sustainability and resilience of food systems.



Our water programme addresses the risks of water insecurity from river basin to global scales. We research water scarcity, floods and their impacts on ecosystems, society and the economy. Our work spans analysis of the climatic drivers of water-related risks, impacts and adaptation responses, and the governance of water systems.

Our analysis helps decision makers understand the implications of possible adaptations to water resource systems and their robustness to a range of future conditions.

Research stories

"Compulsory water meters for a large part of the country is an option we should be considering, but regulators are reluctant and the Government is cautious about imposing them.” Professor Jim Hall


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