Elijah and Elisha

Activity - Pick Up and Leave Off

Each kid will take a turn acting out a powerful character of his or her choice. Everyone else may guess who the kid is pretending to be. The first kid to guess correctly wins a point. The kid with the most points after each kid has had a chance to act out a character, or when you run out of time, wins.

Instruct the kids to find partners. In each pair of kids, one kid will start the game by doing the first bit of a task, singing the first bit of a song, or drawing the first bit of a picture. After about 30 seconds, the partners will switch. The second kid will finish what the first kid started. Play multiple rounds, rotating partners and alternating who starts and who finishes. If necessary, provide the kids with guidance by telling them which song to sing, what to start drawing, or what task to begin (such as tying a shoe). You may also wish to tell the kids when to switch.

God chose Elisha to continue Elijah’s work as a prophet. Elisha spent some time following Elijah and learning from him, and when the time came, Elijah was taken into heaven. Elisha was ready to take over as God’s messenger because of the power God gave him and the time he spent learning from Elijah. We can share the gospel with others and teach them what it looks like to love and obey God.


Read - 2 Kings 2


  1. What cities did Elijah and Elisha travel together to? (Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho)
  2. How did Elijah and Elisha get across the Jordan River? (Elijah, and later Elisha, parted the river by hitting it with Elijah’s cloak)
  3. What did Elisha ask for before Elijah went to heaven? (A double portion of the spirit Elijah had)


Take this time as a family to pray together. Ask your children if they have anything they would like to pray about. If you have a child who would like to pray, this is a great time to do so!

Father, thank You for sending Jesus to save us. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to fill believers with Your power so we can love You more and obey You each day. Help us trust You and worship You only. Amen.