The Man on Putney Hill The war of The world- Abeer aljasser

In Putney Hill, the narrator found food in a house. Then he slept that night thinking about Martians and the killing of the curate. In the morning, he decided to go to Leatherheard looking for his wife. On the way, he met the soldier that he had seen before. The soldier told him that the Martians have gone away across London, and he think that they built flying-machine. The soldier felt that they were beaten, but he and the narrator still had some hope. The brave soldier suggested a plan that strong and clean-minded people can live underground and make paths between the drains and buildings. Also, he suggested to save knowledge by science books which brought from British museum. He wanted to make fighting-machines like the Martian's one. After their conversation, the soldier and the narrator hurried to the soldier hiding-place which was the home in Putney Hill where the soldier dug a ten meters long passage. At that time, the narrator began to believe in the soldier, and started to work with him all that morning at his digging. Then they stopped working to take a rest, eat a meal, play cards, and look out of the roof door. When the narrator was meditating on the horizon looking north, he began to think of his wife. Then, he decided to go to London to find out what is happening there.

Main idea or theme

In this chapter, the writer indicated the meaning of love, when the narrator was thinking of his wife. Also, he showed the importance of courage, persistence, patience, and hope through soldier plan.

My opinion

I think this chapter was interesting. I was very excited when I read it. This chapter has a lot of great meanings of love and persistence. The soldier and the narrator were good role models.



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