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Brand Overview
Our team of Founders from L to R: Christie Tarleton, Will Tarleton, Destiny Young, Devin Aracena and Pablo Aracena

From the Mountains of California to the Hills of Tennessee

The best ideas come from those made with friends, even better ideas come from friends who share a passion and a history. Our five founders came together over the common roots of Humboldt County, CA - the fabled place for the apex of cannabis cultivation history from its prohibition days to today's industry leaders in quality cannabis production. This love for the plant has been greatly nurtured by the dedication and quality of growers in the region. Canvast strives to expand the plants reach and understanding in its ability to create solutions for many global issues - healthy scalable food source, sustainable materials and textiles, healing properties. The Canvast Family has grown its canopy of knowledge and resources in Tennessee to help build the emerging hemp market in the Southeast with its roster of farmers who span from century, organic to commercial. As today's hemp industry looks more and more like the recreational/ medical cannabis industry with its influx in demand for CBD and another minor cannabinoid-focused flower, edibles, and vapes - it takes a seasoned resume to understand and execute quality consumer goods. To be in the cannabis industry requires a level of tenacity and elasticity. The women leading Canvast have just that. Like the plant, they refuse to be root bound. When no is the answer they build solutions and connect networks to power through and lay groundwork to this emerging eco-system.

At Canvast our sole purpose is to steward the magic of cannabis. We do this by advancing cannabis for safe use and consumption by developing a range of quality products through a transparent supply chain starting with the seed. Cannabis has a vast application in our world today. Canvast Supply Co. is dedicated to elevating this history. We invite you to participate in this hard-won American right to enjoy the many benefits of hemp.

Majority Female Founded and Owned

The cannabis industry has been so often (like many) led with men at the helm, but the fine females growing some of your favorite brands are emerging within the industry in their well-earned spotlight. Canvast is proud to say we are majority female-founded and owned with our founders Devin Aracena, Destiny Young, and Christie Tarleton, with extensive backgrounds in organic and sustainable agriculture in both cannabis and food production as well as building international brands in alcohol, cannabis and wellness.

Creating an easily navigable product line, our Lifters™, Drifters™ and Shifters™

Our line of CBD, Delta-8 and other minor-cannabinoid products have been formulated with your desired feeling in mind. We've made it easy to identify the right product for consumers by defining our Lifters™, Drifters™ and Shifters™ across our lines of smokeables and edibles. Our Lifters™ effects may include elevated mood, increased happiness, and reduced anxiety. Drifters™ for your sense of calm and anytime peace, and Delta-8 Shifters™ effects may include a spike in creativity, positivity, and activity. Shifters™ Delta-8 offer a well-deserved shift in state of mind and body. Not sure where to begin for yourself? Take our product quiz →

Replacing image as soon as I get graphic from Emily. Our Shifters™, Lifters™ and Drifters™ categorized by your optimum, desired feeling.
What's New for Canvast

Innovation and Product News

Introducing Lavender Drifters™ a proprietary blend of Organic Lavender and Bubba Kush

There are thousands of high CBD strains and products are emerging in the market today. Canvast® has looked to stand apart in the market - and with our proprietary blend of Organic Lavender and Bubba Kush found in our Premium Lavender Drifters™ The benefit of blending lavender and hemp for a unique experience comes from the additional myrcene terpene that lavender adds to the blend. Myrcene, also typically found in certain hemp cultivars - promotes rest and relaxation, giving Drifters™ their namesake for helping you drift off to sleep. Learn more in our blog →

Launch of Delta-8 Premium Products: Shifters™

Canvast® launches full line of Delta-8 Shifters™ products to include Organic and Vegan Gummies, Premium Pre-Rolls, Delta-8 Caviar (moonrocks), and Delta-8 Crumble (concentrate). These new products set the standard in quality and consistency bringing a newfound love of hemp to consumers. The outstanding quality of both the product and packaging set Canvast®'s line of Delta-8 Shifters™ - named for its ability to 'shift' your day into gear and promote creativity and activity - apart from all other products on the market today.

Canvast®'s line of Shifters™ - seen here from L to R: Premium Pre-Rolls, Vegan and Organic Gummies 10 Count Bag and Canvast Delta-8 Caviar. Click here to download photo →

Canvast® Expands to National Distribution

You can now find the trusted brand in over 40 states in the United States including Puerto Rico - as our team has worked to create a trustworthy brand to bring to American consumers. Our team has created a full product line of shelf-ready products with educational product stands and packaging to create ease in educating sales teams - as well as the customer. Consumers can now find their local Canvast® dealer by using the 'Find My Retailer' function on all products. Learn More →

Canvast® launches its 2021 Genetic Catalog, Services, and Education to steward the magic of the plant.

At Canvast Supply Co.® we believe the hemp industry will thrive only once the farmer thrives. Our mission is to steward the magic of this plant through a menu of well-vetted genetics and an offering of cannabis grow supplies and equipment to help ensure the success of the farmer, the soil, the consumer, and the plant! We know quality begins with good genetics and sustainable inputs that enrich the life and vitality in the soil as well as in our bodies. In order for the Farmer to thrive - we've created our Hemp Resource Agents program to guide farmers to the right setup for their grow and scale, which includes nutrients, equipment, and genetics. Our founders have additionally created an educational, interactive workbook and budget builder to help guide a farmer through their growing season - to provide the tools and the network to create a high-quality end product. Check out our 2021 Genetic Catalog to read more →

Our Farmer Resources from L to R: Holistic Cannabis Farm Planning Workbook, KLR Farms #1 Cherry-Limeade (A cultivar we promote and distribute) and the Canvast® 2021 Genetic Catalog. Click to download images →
Product Highlights

Our Best Sellers

These products have been a non-stop seller for Canvast® and have helped develop the buzz around the brand. The un-compared quality is truly something worth trying yourself. Please reach out to our team to receive a sample box to try for yourself.

Delta-8 Dream Drops Chocolates

Hand-crafted Limited Edition Collaboration with Nashville's own Bang Candy Company. Our Delta-8 Shifters™ Dream Drops are made with premium Belgian Milk Chocolate and come in both Honey-comb Coconut and Honey-comb Cherry flavors. Each dream drop contains 15mg of Delta-8 THC, with 20 chocolates per tube. (300mg total) These chocolates take you on a journey - with their complex layers of flavors and popping candy to excite the senses, not to mention the elevated experience of Delta-8. Shifters™ effects may include a spike in creativity, positivity, and activity. Indulge in our Shifters™ Dream Drops for a well-deserved shift in state of mind and body. Learn More →

CBD + Delta-8 Shifters™ Premium Pre-Rolls

2 Premium Delta-8 Pre Rolls per tube. Two for you, or one to share! The synergistic combo of hemp-derived cannabinoids with organic CBD flower is infused with Delta-8 Distillate and lightly dusted with CBD Kief. Our premium hemp pre rolls are made with USA organically grown boutique hemp that is specially cured, cut, and blended, packing each fresh and perfect every time. Shifters' effects may include a spike in creativity, positivity, and activity. D8 Shifters for a well-deserved shift in state of mind and body. Learn More →

Organic, Vegan and Gluten-Free Delta-8 Shifters™ Gummies

Our highly anticipated Delta-8 Shifters™ Gummies are made with pure Delta-8 distillate and feature Vegan and Organic ingredients. Each gummy contains 30mg of Delta-8 THC - made from USA organically grown hemp. Assorted Flavors. Shifters Gummies' effects may include a spike in creativity, positivity, and activity. Delta-8 Shifters offer a well-deserved shift in state of mind and body. Learn More →

Lifestyle Photos

Tell the Canvast story through a series of our lifestyle photos - looking for something more? Reach out to us for a photo request at devin@canvastsupplyco.com or check out our full line of photos in our Google Drive Folder here →

Want to download these photos? Check out our lifestyle shot folder for full access →

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