Industrial farms By: daniel lecHuga

Summary:This article talks about the positive attributes that industrial farms have in comparison to our alternate food sources to feed our growing population. Our population has grown rapidly through a short period of time and along side that has become the issue of acquiring the food to feed this new population. The article states that industrial farms are thought to be a negative source of food , but as new technology develops they have become really efficient with the production of food and have looked a lot better then local farmers. This mainly occurring because the these industrial farms are using less labor, less land, increased crop production, more efficient, and can produce enough food for the growing population. Before they were thought as negative because they were dragging down farmers being 40% of the population, but now the famer population is just 1%. Another big downside was the amount of land they occupied and the harmful effects they had on this land, but now technology makes the use of the land extremely efficient with the use of new pesticides lowering soil erosion and the increasing the richness of the soil.

Analysis:I think this article is quite relevant to us today because our population keeps increasing and increasing. At one point we do have to get where exactly our food production limit is because only 1% of the population belongs to the farming industry. Which may seem like a lot, but for the millions upon millions of mouths to feed this will become a massive issue as we look forward into the future. Not only because of the number of people that we need to feed, but how climate change is going to affect these farmers and their crops. I think the US should further help farmers find new technologies or methods to decrease the effect industrial farms on the environment and further make them efficient as well as secure way to grow crops with the upcoming climate changes.

Takeaways: All my life I have grownup around farms and rural areas and I have always appreciated the work that goes into the production of our food. Not only that but I also like to think about how it is even possible at this point in time to produce this quantity of crops per year by these farmers. It is amazing to see how technology can have such a big effect because if you go and see other countries farms they are not that technology advanced, but produce an astonishing amount of food for cheap. Now if they had the same technology they would produce even more crops with a smaller negative impact on the environment. I really would like to know how such vast fields can be monitored and picked at a perfect time.


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