Dylan's Number The Stars Book Diary By Dylan


War is is scary and sad it is also a big deal and a big thing. It also might get people nervous for their life.

In world war ll people probably felt scared and torn because one side of their family might think one and the other might think the other thing.


My neighbors are all friends and its weird because 'were all family'.

If my neighborhood was being boomed honestly I would only get my family out and run .


It probably is going to be about hitlar and the natizy party. Also it probably gonna have gross details.

Literary analysis

Be one of many make sure they never have a reason to remember your face.

What I think they mean by that is that she shouldn't stand out so that they wont target her.

"This will hurt" .she pulled the little gold chain with all her strength and broke it as the door open and light flooded into the bedroom,she crumpled it in her hand her fingers tightly closed.

I think she is scared and unsure as to what she will do and she dosen't think she would die for any one. including her best friend ever.

Now she feels like she should be the body guard for all the Jews and the king ,it could be a symbolic thing because that meant her religion is imprinted on her hand so she is tied to their religion.

Well Annemarie said slowly I "think all of us should be body guards for the Jews".

That would look like to me probably every one protecting the Jews for harm or anything else but also hiding the Jews.


man vs man

At the end of number the stars when Annemarie found out that Lise was part of the rebellion. Then the soldiers came in and raided the place, then ran over Lise with their car.

Don't do things that could kill you but also be brave and do things for your country.

man vs nature

Near the end of number the stars, Annemarie's mom tripped on a root and twisted her ankle when she was coming back home.

I think that when she tripped that she learned to be more careful about where she is going.

man vs self

This reminds me of when Annemarie was going to take the package to uncle Henrik but ran into the soldiers and they asked what she was doing she tried to make up something.

I think that she learned how to be like kirsti and that some times you should some times be "just a silly little girl"

man vs soeity

In number the stars copenhagen and the Jews had to hide from the Nazis to get to safety. The rest of the society where either with them hiding or fighting back against the Nazis and Hitler.

The life lesson she learned is that not all people in the world are good people and that their will be hard time but also good times too.



My theme is friends because it is good to have good friends like in number the stars if Annemarie and Ellen whernt such good friends then Ellen probably would have died.

To me friends are nice and loyal and will have your back.They will also take care of you when your sick or in need.

Vocabulary Words


Mama was crying, and the rain made it seem like the whole world was crying.

It means that something bad happened to her


news of the sabotage against the Nazis ,bomb hidden and exploded in factories that produced war things

lanky and stocky

she was a stocky ten year old,unlike lanky Annemarie


Annemarie with thought contempt three years they've been here yet they cant speak our language


made an imperious gesture with her arm. I am the dark queen she said in a deep voice


it was so long sense they used the strictly rationed electricity.






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