National Fair Day By:HOpe williamson

The day/week that we have National Fair Day would be July 16 through the 22.

You could make a cake because at fairs they have bake sales and they bid them off and they have the princesses go around the area and show everyone the cake. The auctioneer tells the crowd what kind of cake/pie they are selling to the people.

You can go outside and do something productive, or you can play outside with a lot of people if anyone comes to your house during the summer time. You could play sports, go fishing, play hide and go seek tag. You could play a lot of different games as long as you are outside. Or you could even go to a fair and do stuff there, you might show animals, help show animals in the open show, or you could just go to ride the rides there.

I think that it should be a National Holiday because you get to do stuff with nature, such as animals and you could plant flowers and stuff like that. Or you could be doing stuff at fair whether or not you are already at the fair, maybe you are already at a fair, so you could just have fun riding rides or you could be with your animals having fun with them. We would be celebrating this day on July 16 through the 22.

10 Fun Facts about National Fair Day would be:

  • You can eat food
  • Make food
  • Go outside
  • Play games outside
  • Plant flowers
  • Plant vegetables
  • Go on rides at the fair
  • Play sports
  • Play with animals
  • Do activities outside


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