Luo's Journey to Florida Museum of Natural History

Blue poison frogs

Nature on Display: The frog display was the most appealing to me because I always found that frogs are amazing creatures and the museum offers many kinds of frogs that most of them I have never seen before. The picture I took was the blue poison frog. It’s skin color was so beautiful and captured my attention at the first sight. I learned from that the natural world have so many secrets waiting for me to explore from this museum not from another museum. I found that visiting the butterfly rainforest was so enjoyable because I could be so close to the butterflies.

Butterfly in the rainforest

Nature and Ethics: I experience nature in the way to love, respect and admire the land as Leopold believes. I felt that I became part of the nature and had a good rest of my mind, I was thinking about the relationship between human and nature, which was how could human live in harmony with nature. The people I met also enjoyed their journeys in the nature world. The museum has a butterfly rainforest where people could get so close to real butterflies, which allows people have a deep connection with nature. The museum instilled a strong responsibility to me as it displayed many endangered animals to call on people to protect the nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us to learn the mystery and majesty of the nature, It brings us into a new world instead of our ordinary lives. Without it, we could never understand how the nature looks like. It offers the specimen, fossils, pictures of extinct animals and shares the stories of them for us to have a better understanding.

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